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    I thought of another challenge,

    1. Given an infinite amount of uu-matter and a crafting table to start, is it possible to make a factory without any other resources? That means no mining, no hunting, etc. You are allowed to break blocks that you made from matter. E.g. if you get stone from uu-matter and have a pickaxe you can place the stone to break it with the pickaxe to get cobblestone.

    2. Same as 1 but the matter you take is a loan, what is the shortest amount of time it would take to pay it back? E.g. if it takes you 1000 uu-matter to get started to be self sufficent, you need to make 1000 uu-matter to pay your debt.

    3. Similar to 2 but what is the smallest amount of uu-matter you need to borrow to be able to pay it back?

    The Challange:
    There is a bank that loans uu-matter like 2, but for every minecraft day they charge interest. Lets say 5% for now. If you start with a loan of 1000 uu-matter, can you ever profit i.e. make more uu-matter than you owe? Don't forget, after the first day you owe 1050 uu-matter, second day 1102.5, then 1157.6, then 1215.5, then 1276.3, 1340.1...

    Just some ideas I had,