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    But what wanted was a space dimension that had industrialcraft funcionalities not just a normal space dimension.
    Maybe someone could do an expansion pack for that mod like a crossover mod

    You said you were going to do a space dimension so I thought it would be cool to have some asteroids and in a rare chance to have iridium ore.
    You could add some more uses for iridium ore like an upgrade to the drill mining laser chainsaw, jetpack and machines.

    Sorry if someone already sugested it.

    EDIT: Now I know I got it wrong but soo many people gave good ideas that ill post them.

    Alblaka you should make meteorites fall really rarely in the minecraft world(rarely like lightning hitting a pig and a creeper at the same time or whatever you desire) and that meteorites should have metals, random ores and in a super rare chance some iridium ore that would need to be processed like some people said by using uumatter in a cell with it and putting it in a nuclear reactor (UUMatter needs to be less than the used to make one piece of iridim by crafting table).
    Hope you like the idea that was given by some of the people that commented.