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    Really, what is the point of using CASUC reactor when your overall efficiency is lower than 90%. I mean "total energy use is under 500eu/t", i used generous calculation, assuming the constant or average of Eu/t used by the cooling is 250 eu/t and your output 2070eu/t, you would be running on 88% efficient. Not very ideal, try bringing that up to 90% at least, my reactor uses buildcraft cooling method and the entire cooling system uses only 135 eu/t on average in a reactor cycle (10000s).

    Well, I would admit that using EE does seem to be cheating , however in a pinch this mod does have its advantage. For example: is it possible that someone could build a cooling system for such a monstrous reactor, purely on IC2 and RP on such a compat scale as my setup. That wouldn't really been possible except some advance moder messing with the mod Itself. So yeah as the guy on the previous post said this is BOSS. Plus I figure that using reactor thermal monitoring mod with wireless red stone, it is possible to control the cooling system so that it spew only the amount of coolant needed for the system, with no calculation on ice or heat per tick whatsoever!

    Quite a nice setup, personally I wouldn't rely on that mass cooling system, provide through compressors, pumps, and redpower pipes. However, I got a much smaller setup capable of infinite cycle also 2000Eu/t. Mines use buildcraft pipes, engines, auto craft table, and the beauty of equivalent exchange. Still i would really like to know how did you control the amount of ice generated by the cooling system, i hate redpower just because thats the really hard bit, always overflow or ka-boom. Mind sharing some ideas?

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