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    You want an efficient cheap reactor with no additional chambers, or a good breeder? Sorry but I just don't see that happening. any efficient design is going to have to spend so long turned off to cool with 1 chamber it would be better to just build solar panels until you can afford a full reactor.

    I am talking relative efficiency. the cheapest reactor you could build would have 2 individual uranium surrounded by water. sure, that uses minimal resources ignoring uranium, but it has the worst possible efficiency. The design offered above is a good example of what I am talking about, but also note that a mk 2 is also acceptable, and if the cooling-heating ratio is close enough for an exceedingly simple redstone circuit to control on/off time, even mark 3. just don't let components melt. As for breeders, I haven't gotten a chance to fully test it or upload it but if my math is right its a 3 core breeder that you heat as a mark 4 and then run at ~6000 heat with redstone turning it on and off so the net heat by the time it finishes doesnt spawn lava.

    It seems like most reactor designs posted so far are with the full 6 chambers. Thing is, chambers aren't exactly cheap. If you are like me, you build one reactor with no chambers as soon as you can and then expand later. So I began to wonder: has anyone come up with a good 0-chamber design? Since the main reason for 0-chamber is saving on material costs, internal parts used should also be a consideration, and uranium efficiency is probably more important than net output over time. A good breeder design is also important for saving on uranium. I'm working on checking the effectiveness of my breeder, but if anyone else has designs you should post them!

    My bad, i think my assumptions about rounding were wrong, but yeah, having it pass whole numbers equally will still be closer to the actually mods code. Also, are you going to be adding depleted isotope cells for breeder planning at some point?

    Another little issue: your plates split evenly with a decimal and then round, but in another thread Al said they give each surrounding object an equal whole number and then store the rest until the next tick. This results in some parts of some designs getting too much heat from rounding up, and others getting none at all.