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    i created the electric jetpack and tried to fly it and i dont fly instead i jump lose power and make a noises. no i dont have optifine i tested my mods because i tried JUST IC2 and then compared it with IC2 + other mods = NO DIFFERENCE

    at the moment im usein zepplin (works fine hardly any bugs worth mention) wirelessredstone (havent had any bugs or conflictions with this) and IC2 w/ preques

    PS there are no added modloaders everything runs on IC2 preques

    I think its already known and covered but i built the Quantum boots and they are frikkin AWESOME! but there appears to be some false advertising. It CLEARLY states the the quantum boot NEGATE ALL FALL DAMAGE entirely but when when i jump from my floating sky fortress i get hurt with 7 hearts of damage at this point im thinking WTF was that?!?! how? what? im confusled MinecraftCreeper CREEPER!! s**t BOOM. so i was wondering if this is a bug or intended ?(

    PS One of my first mods and probably my last 8)