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    Wh-What is this
    get Iridium ore

    From ground to grind
    get scrap!

    Can't sleep!
    Manage to create a milk coffe drink

    Soft or tough
    Spray Construction Foam

    Because picks are to mainstream
    Craft a diamond drill

    Don't feel like mining
    Find Iron, gold, Copper, and tin while using a miner machine

    :thumbup: GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)

    One day I got lazy and found out how are black holes created (in theory) and what happenes is that temperatures get so high atoms start to fuse generating pure elements up until Iron(which is heavy producing gravitational mass) as well as MASSIVE amounts of energy! so I thought the Breeder reactors were kind of odd since you are trying to charge depleted Uranium cells; but cannot achieve full charge and doesn't generate much Energy (or so I understood from recipe page) so I thought with fussion you can get energy and recharge old uranium cells but at the price of using Iridium plates to hold off the EXTREME temperatures this would achieve. Making this reactor ridiculously usefull but expensive as well all that I can't think of is What can start this reaction or if use a 78% (or more but less than 100%) heated nuclear reactor to get the Iridium plates inside of the overheating reactor.(guessing 4-6 or mabe 8 or greater which ever the producers think its worth) That being a very brave move to create a fussion reactor (out of the old reactor) which produces (as much energy producers think its worth [personal oppinion: around minimum 2 Eu/tick up to mabe 12EU/tick]) making it a tid bit more risky because you'd have to keep heat up to minimum 78% and less than 98% (so the whole thing doesn't melt and explode) so It could be a subdivision of the same old reactor but with extended functions and more risk.

    Hope The Production team sees it and takes It into consideration any modifications to the previous are gladly accepted
    :thumbup: GLHF (Good luck Have Fun)