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    Awesome, cant wait for Rev 6 :)

    This is how Iv used it so far, this is the reason I need tube force-fields to punch through other forcefields...

    Thanks for the mod man :)

    One suggestion tho, maybe have the upgrades (zapper, camoflague, etc) attach to the Forcefield Core (instead of indivdual projectors) and make it effect all forcefields attached to that Core?

    Any chance of implementing something like the "gateways" that are implemented in the original version now?

    I'm not saying copy it or anything, just a way through the FF's without using wireless redstone to take down a section would be epic.

    Also a shield hardener that doesn't cut blocks would be awesome, maybe modify the damage resistance of FF blocks?

    Apart from that, keep up the good work man, this mod is awesome.

    You're trying to run the version of MFFS that's compatible with MC 1.1, you need the version for 1.2.5, it's much better tho, way more "stuff" in it anyways.

    An MFSU monitoring device would be awesome, especially if you could monitor several of them at once and display them on a screen.

    Maybe a remote sensor kit for MFSU's that could monitor several of them on one screen?

    It'd fit in really well in a nuclear power station control room, etc.

    Awesome mod tho, thanks for the good work :)

    Thanks to you kind sir, my partially constructed space station (with fully functional solar panels) now has a force field to protect it. Ill add more for the panel sections when they're done.

    If there was some kind of rep system, you'd be +1000.

    Chuckloaders+Space Station+Forcefield= SMP Win IMO

    I'll check the reactor field in the morning, but I spawned a 32 block radius area projector field earlier with no problems, was a bit laggy first time I fired it up, but it worked.

    It is saying "Linked to Generator=false" on mine too, even tho it displays the power levels accurately.

    Ok, error message...

    What am I doing wrong?

    Seriously? Epic, I'll be downloading this the second I get to go on my pc. If it all works, then you have my space stations most sincere gratitude ;)

    Good work man, keep it up, dying to get this on our server :)

    Looks like you guys are trying to install a version thats compatible only with MC 1.1 on MC 1.2.5.

    The newest release is 1.2.5 but it's Single player only.

    Area projector DOES NOT stop nukes btw, one of my villages learnt the hard way.

    Anyone by any chance working on an SMP version for 1.2.5? That would be epic, Iv a space station that'd look awesome with dome shields.