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    the rotary macerator will not macerate anything in the 2nd slot provided! only does the first slot

    The second slot is an additive slot, used to macerate iron directly into refined iron dust.

    Also the singularity compressor, for me at least, doesn't consume the whole 8 copper bars when crafting a dense copper plate. Only one bar out of the 8 is consumed, although, it does take 8 bars to start.

    It's not just Optifine. I'm using the HD patcher 2.22 and I have no textures for the regulator pipes or the redstone transport pipes. I tried updtaing the block override sheet (I even included it in the directory of my texture pack, which should override the base images in the mod folder) and textures are still invisible (not the purple of the backing sheet, simply not visible at all).

    Ahh thats beacuse it only uses block_texture_override.png when using optifine, HD patcher reloads the graphics quite a bit differently. HD patcher seems to just reinitilize the main sprite file block_textures.png so follow the same instructions but add the images to block_textures.png instead. It may or may not work, im not sure but give it a try


    That is very strange, because I use the Additional Pipes mod myself. I even had it installed in my test environment and I did not encounter this texture problem.

    Ok after editing this post several times its best if I just rewrite the thing.

    Ok, here is whats happening when you load your world with either Optifine or HD patcher installed AdditionalPipes runs a check to see what textures it should apply to the pipes. Mind you this check does not take place untill a pipe from AdditionalPipes needs to be rendered. That being said if you had a pipe from Energy Coupler placed on your world or in TMI it will render correctly so long as no pipes from AdditionalPipes needs to rendered. Once a pipe from AdditionalPipes is rendered any and all pipes belonging to EnergyCoupler will turn purple(well so long a Optifine is installed, not sure about HD Patcher). This appears to be due to the method of which he is switching textures when Optifine is detected, when HD patcher is detected its a simple "use this file over another". But when Optifine is installed he actulally calls buildcraft core, switches the textures then calls forge to preload the textures(which is kinda odd to me since he already preloaded them in the main mod class file). So it appears that something with the optifine texture switch is causing the issue. As to why? well im not entirely sure yet my programming computer is down again (its aobut the fifth time ive broken the thing) so I cant really debug both mods to find a a exact cause (or solution).

    EDIT: BTW AdditionalPipes source code is avaliable on the web which is what I used to trace this incase anyone is wondering =D


    damnedsky, I'm sorry I did not respond before, i had not checked the thread since you posted, But it would not have helped, I was as stumped as you were, so I just deleted the additional pipes mod from my mods folder.

    Clutchizzle, You sir are amazing, I tip my top hat to you.

    *EDIT One thing you my want to add to that fix is to copy the texture file "block_0.png" from this mod (energy coupler) into the folder "zAdditionalPipesClient\net\minecraft\src\buildcraft\zeldo\gui"
    This will solve the problem of the textures not loading correctly for the couplers themselves.
    I tried it, and it works.

    Humm that actulally didnt work when I tired it, Typically a quick exit and reloading of a save will fix it just fine.

    It's driving me crazy!!!!
    Is it an easy fix? or I have to learn some java?
    Please give some answers

    Well their is a way around but you'll need to use paint or some other program that can edit the .png files.

    As previously stated by BOOMZ the issue is due to Addtional pipes, the reason being is Addtional pipes contains a file called block_textures_override.png. This file appears to be overriding (or conflicting if you will) with the pipe textures for this mod, there is a way around but it requires some copy & pasting of images in the files.

    First off open Energy Coupler's mod file, goto your mods folder and open ( In your case the file name may be different if you changed it), within the archive goto:

    Now look in the bottom right hand corner of the BlockTextures.png file see the three sprites? copy those three, we will need to place them into another file.

    Next, while still in the mods folder, open the offending file (In your case the file name may be different if you changed it), within the archive goto:

    Open the file, now paste the sprites we copied in the lower right hand corner of the file (The same position from which you copied them from). Save and enjoy =)

    Yup i can recreate it to heres a pic

    This one shows the setup used to re-create it you have to block that one side to do it(where the glowstone is)

    Here is a pic of some items that have fallen down the hole (not all do)

    Looks like the else statement in TileMiner(Line 264 in my poorly decompiled version) only spawns the item in the same place as the miner and does not throw it upwards like the IC1 miner least I remember it being thrown upwards

    I will, at the very least, try and get it working intelligently with BuildCraft pipes. Which I assume it's probably not yet, because I haven't tested it it.

    Heh you would be correct it does not, im currently working on a special industrial craft based pipe that is ment to properly utilize certin industrial craft structures with odd slot counts. (induction furnace for example) I have it working but it needs more integration into IC2's power system which happens to be the part of IC2 that didnt decompile properly for me. Anyways ill see about adding support for this little box here, so long as I can pull out the info for the items health/charge level ill be good.