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    After I started using IC2s agriculture I found a certain pumpkin that behave weird. It doesnt stack with the other pumpkins and when I tried to sort it in a chest using inventory tweaks Minecraft just froze, becoming completely unresponsive and the only thing that helped was to force kill Java.
    When doing some further investigation it using NBTedit it seems that the strange pumpkin have a empty "compound" with no entries, unlike the "normal" pumpkins.

    I ended up jus makin a 5x5x1 pit filling it with lava then placing the IC pump in the middle, then downloading an infinite lava source mod. Did the same thing for water and the IC pump pulls the middle source block which regenerats on its own. It works how I wanted it to. Thanks everybody

    There is also the bucket filler mod that can fill the tin cans for you. This mod is not updated officially but later in the bucket filler thread I found a updated version of it.

    Having a problem where I cant get the pump to pump any of the liquid source blocks even when there is an infinite amount of liquid below and around it. Everything is powered up and setup the way it is supposed to be. I attached a picture of my lava setup, the water one is the exact same way and does the same thing. The cells never get filled no matter what position I place the pump (always rewiring power after I dismantle jus to b sure)

    IC2 Pumps can only pump liquid from a single block directly beneath them. If you want to collect a whole bunch of liquid you are better of using buildcraft or redpower pumps.

    Some other mods already use the ctrl key. I dont know about what mods other people use but my minecraft has ctrl for both zoom (could be added by optifine?) and "boost"(no idea). I dont see any reason to crowd the ctrl key even more.

    I hope no one is being bothered by me hijacking the thread for my own idea.
    Anyway, I was thinking that maybe when creating uranium cells they cell get a their own random stats such as how long they work, how much heat they generate, how much energy they produce per tick etc. Doing it this way we can still have the old reactors not blow up and also making "reactor-keeping" into something more interesting and active.

    I think that it is necessary to be careful when implementing such features. It might be so that while it removes trolls and other unwanted visitors it might also alienate new users to such an extent that they will simply avoid the forum.
    This forum is doesn't have the most clear guidelines about how and where to post things. Making it harder to post wont make things better, at least not in the long run.