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    Charcoal actually has more carbon than coal does in real life, so wouldn't grinding charcoal also create coal dust? Coal is in large amounts, yes, but when you are using grids and grids of miners to extract as much coal as you can, you tend to run out of coal. I'm not saying I'm lazy, I just think it would be more convenient to be able to grind charcoal into coal dust.

    Another idea. This is a machine that you would place next to a rubber tree resin tap. As soon as the resin tap is full, the machine will automatically tap the tree and spit out the resin into a chest or just into the air if there was no chest. Since it performs such a simple task, it should have an energy usage of about 1EU.

    I'm quite tired of blowing up my machines by accidentally crossing wires and sending high current through my machines and also burning up my immense wiring system. A trip breaker could prevent these mistakes. It could resemble a batbox or a low voltage transformer. When too much current goes through, it could go into an off state, and requires a redstone trigger to turn back on.