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    Got to say, this server is worth every penny! I will say up front, YES, it does cost $10 USD to get off the greylist. YES, that's awfully expensive for some. BUT, I feel it's been worth every penny, and I've hardly been there a month! This site is everything I've wanted about a IC2/RP/CC server rolled into one: A steady "stationside" map that never changes combined with a "planetside" map that rotates every week (so you never run out of fresh places to stripmine with your RP frame mega-rig!), a consistent reward system for working hard and playing the game, an easy to understand economy (based on iron blocks, how much more simple can it get?), and a great userbase that's always willing to help out! Having played minecraft since the Alpha days (remember when forests used to burn forever?), I've got to say this is the most fun I've ever had on a Minecraft server! Definitely worth every dollar!