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    By endermen arms I presume you mean 3D crops? Thats allot of work and would look out of place with all the other 2D crops, But I like the idear, Maby the darker the enviroment the faster they grow?

    Aluminum weres easly IRL - So using it in windmills is an awfull idear (Might aswell keep things reletivly realistic, Well the simpler stuff anyway) and thats the only use you could think of? Why would we want a new ore for only 1 use (Or maby 3 or 4 tiny uses)

    This realy needs a change to the way IC2 works with forge, Basicaly - If in forge it is marked as an ore - Mine it, And if there are a few things in the major mods that are classed as ores, They can be blocked manualy from being mined - If attal

    Copper or Gold HV cables IRL have tiny amounts of evergy loss. The only reason they lose so much is because of the huge Wattage going through them. So maby a rethink where enegy loss is dependant on the 4 variables:

    Insuluation (Reducing loss via heat)

    Ive also always wanted a better use of HV cables, Fiber optics are just to OP (Even if expencive)

    So... I was pritty sure... That Fission rod actualy cools and slows the reactor... Just a thought - By the looks of things this isent going to be implemented anyway...

    Redpower - The complex answer to compleate automation, Simply create an infinite water souce to fill water buckets up and route redpower pipes to thousands of watermills. Then a system to call empty buckets back and refill them. Simple, effective, and not as op as having BC pipes do the work - And although its very powerfull making this mashine, It requires allot of parts and some brain power to get it going.