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    Teekay your suggestion did work but when I tried to open the machines the game crashes so the mod needs both mod_ZZZmissile.class files. Somehow the name need to be changed and also when I added the new ic2 file to the ic2.jar forge didnt like it.

    I'm sorry that it doesn't work. If you can wait a few more days then I'll post an updated RocketScience which is more compatible and SMP(!). I'm hardly working on it ;-)



    I'm not trying to be impatient but has anyone fixed the wrong name error with forge modloader. I have tried to fix it but I cant get it to work. :(


    that problem is possibly caused due to the fact that there are 2 different mod_ZZZMissile.class files in the distributed jar. Just try to delete one. If that fails, try to delete the other one. That should possibly solve the problem.




    I just started to decompile the mod for myself and just having the runnable source code in my hands. Then i came here to inform you then i saw that the original source is just released. Thanks ;-)

    So, the big question now (at least for me) is: Who will pickup and continue this project?



    Edit: I'm willing to continue the RocketScience Mod. I'm not a Java/Minecraftmodding noob I'm also not a pro. If there is anybody with a greater modding/java skill as me who wants to continue this project I will not be angry and/or sad ;-).

    I've spend a lot of hours in decompiling the mod and I'm in the process of understanding what is going on under the hood.