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    More agriculture suggestions.

    Tier 5
    Wood, material, melon
    So since forestry was given the boot out of TechnicPack and obtaining wood isn't as convenient now. So growing a wood like melon would be the next best thing. Upon being harvested it drops 1-5 blocks of raw wood.

    Tier 3
    Wood, material, bush
    Another way you could possibly obtain wood is with the bush. Unfortunately it would make more sence if it dropped sticks... It is created when you put a sapling down inside a crop block. And it will slowly grow into a bush

    I'll be back with more ideas

    Well to start I am relatively new to these forums and have many constructive ideas on how to improve many different aspects of the already amazing IC2 mod. I have read many forum posts on Agriculture and misc add-in's and find it is usually the case that someone keeps reposting the same idea that has been cycling around forum for awhile. So in perperation for this thread I thought I might as well read TONS of posts so that I will not repeat anyone but if I do I'm sorry for wasting time... So here we go and thank you for reading :)


    Tier 8+
    Teleportation, resin, reed
    A reed with a notably darker texture that has the ender particle effect eminating from itself. Once harvested it drops Endresin which when put upon the ground acts as a one use teleportation pad. It will teleport you in the opposite direction of the closest aggrivated enemy.

    Corn (This has been stated onthe LOCKED agriculture thread I know)
    Tier 5
    Food, yellow, stalk
    Ok, I know this has been talked and it has been cycled, but I just want to stress the wonderful idea of corn! I mean it is truly a minecraft item, meaning that it is very diverse. In IC2 it can be used mainly for food and biofuel. Not to mention its good compatibility with the canning machine. I also implore you to try and make it two blocks high instead of one... If that is at all possible if not disregard my next idea.

    Tier 3
    Decoration, green(biome), vine
    Basically it is planted in a crop block, and will slowly grow up parallel walls until the wall stops or until the crop block is destroyed. Very often the vine-like texture will reveal a flower or two makeing it look pretty.

    Uraninen (yer-an-in-ee n)
    Tier 9+
    Fuel, glowing
    A look-alike to the Ferru, but when put within a 4 block radius of a nuclear reactor (similar to water and tilled earth) it has a 1 and 16 chance of fruiting. When harvested it will drop 1-3 unrefined uranium clumps, four make 1 unrefined uranium. At night or in low light they do have a low light level, possibly less than or equal to redstone torches... Just enough to be noticed.

    Tier 9+
    Material, melon
    A dark skinned melon plant with large black fruits that when harvested become small coal piles. 2 small piles make one regular coal dust.

    +if weeds go untreated for long amounts of time they could grow into a Sickle Bush which has a chance of dropping scrap, feathers, or sticks? With help of hydration cell or fertilizer?
    +Compost Bin

    W S W. W- wood, S- seed, C- chest
    W C W
    W W W
    Will turn unwanted seed bags into fertilizer over time.

    Wireless machine switch-
    A small handheld device which sends out a signal to small rectangular devices in which you can place to all IC2 machines that can be affected by redstone currents. The remote it crafted as shown:

    R C R
    R B R. R- refined iron, C- circuit, B- Re batterie.

    For the rectangular devices:

    C. R- refined iron, C- circuit


    Just a cool little thing I thought of when I was mulling over my crops. So the basis of this would be to lure animals into self made pens, pits, ect. Then to "tag" their ears with a serial number and breed new and better livestock. I thought their might be a bit of a problem with new animals in the game so I just thought better stats would fill that void. So you you would have equiptment similar to agriculture, but to monitor the stats of passive mobs. So like feed instead of fertilizer or water trough instead of hydration cell. After you have nurtured your super animals and eaten the undesirables... it is time to mass produce the animals and feast

    Much like agriculture this has it's own "Ferru" so to speak. After many successful generations of pig they will start to become domesticated. And when you have a saddle you can infact ride the little piggy and troll your friends. The domestication should be indicated by the "animal analyzer" which would also indicate other stats like health, strength, growth, rougeness caused by over inbreading. So yes there would be a downside to breeding the children with the parents too many times. So to recap the main stats determine: how much meat you get, how fast it grows, and how how healthy it is ( which would depend on a varitible of it dropping rotten flesh if the health is too low), and of course with the exception of the pig in which it has the chance of being domesticated and rode on ( which depends again on if the domestication level is high enough, because if not you will have little to no control... Or the pig will become distracted on nearby grass, trees, leaves or even the occasional female pig).

    So there you have it. All of my current suggestions thank you for reading


    P.s. comments, questions, concerns, debates, delegations, arguements, discussions are all ways accepted.