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    I like how you built a house for each miner. Do you run the wiring underground, in the air, or sneaker-net it with power crystals? Also, have you thought of using buildcraft templates to build the house? I wonder if that would even work..

    Sneaker it baby! I thought about running wiring and/or temp solar farms, but I did over half that field using regular mining drills so a stack of 6 Energy Crystals would feed 3 miners to bed rock. I also had a branch mine so I'd mine that at the same time. In fact, the entire mine field is in the opposite direction of my branch mine.

    Later, when I did "Great Hall" mine field, I had 4 miners fed by MFSUs and 4 Lapatrons. In that one I could barely keep up with the output so there was really no reason to wire it.

    I should note however that all my main buildings have basements and tunnels with wiring running underground from the power stations.

    Oh, and unfortunately a BC template wouldn't work for my mining shacks as they're multiple block types. You wouldn't believe how many trees I had to clear cut just for the wood on those things.

    Some details before pictures. 100% legit. Nothing spawned in. Doing the reactors was bloody annoying. I am using the Advance Machines mod, Advance Solar Panels mod, and Portable Pump mod. Bloody LOVE those advance machines and portable pumps ;)

    What else... Every house at mining site 1 was a mining location. I hate just plopping stuff down and not cleaning up so I built a house around each mining location as I went. At mining site 2, that's under the mountain that I'm standing on top of in the mining site 1 picture. Every Single block width pillar was a mining site. The 2x2 pillars are corners between mining sites. I just strip-mined the mountain from level 63 down.

    Lots of terraforming... I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

    My compound - From Left to Right - Mine Entrance (With magnetizer ladder) - Storage House (With Machine Room in basement) - My House (With Portal in basement) - Solar Power Plant (With Mass Fab in basement) - Nuclear Power Plant (With 3 Mark II reactors) - the rest are all gaurd towers:

    My 3 Mark II Nuclear Reactors (I used the design from Direwolf20's tutorial vids):

    My 2 Mining Sites (each house is a mining site):

    The texture pack is Jolicraft. I'm currently working on an extension for IC2 with the original artist's blessing.

    Just adding my praise. I LOVE the advance machines. Where before I had 8+ machines of each type just so I didn't have to wait half an hour to process the returns from my 4 miners, now I can do everything in a single day cycle. Now we need an advance type recycler and I can get rid of my wall of those too! ;)

    Keep up the excellent work. These really should be a part of the base IC2 distro. No idea why they aren't (Or something similar).

    One grip. Please refactor the GUI displays in the next version. Having my RPMs, etc, overlap into other GUI elements niggles a little.

    I'm putting together Jolicraft support for IndustrialCraft via my JoliExtensions pack (endorsed by Andre) and I'm having difficulty figuring out what some of the sprites actually go to. Specifically the following sprites

    I'm assuming 1 of those is the leaves for rubber trees, but the other three I've no clue about. Some help would be much appreciated.

    [UPDATE] The far left black sprite is a rubber trampoline... didn't even relize there was such a block. I'm assuming the far right sprite is a resin block. Still, the reed things I've never seen in game. Again, any enlightnment would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Alblaka for not just dismissing me there. I should clarify. I was reporting this as a usability issue for players rather then a "doesn't work at all" bug. IC2 has made huge strides in usability over IC1 so I figured it was worth reporting my findings.

    It seems that this particular recipe is problematic because it doesn't fit the model of "no charge" or "fully charged" end product. Obviously a fully charged lapatron from an energy crystal creates a huge exploit so I'm just suggesting that if any one is stupid enough (like myself the first time) to craft a lapatron from a charged energy crystal then they should just lose that 100,000 eu. It would eliminate a good deal of confusion. The "Ideal solution" I proposed is merely a flight of fancy of how I personally would like to see things work.

    Thanks again for a fantastic mod. - Lucas G


    I already read the other posts about this and saw that you closed it 'as designed'. However, I just ran into this myself and I felt it should be reevaluated.

    Problem Scenario:

    Without an MFSU you cannot discharge or charge laptrons (that's obvious anyways). If you have 6 cyrstals, some charged, some depleted, and craft 6 laptrons, there's no visual indicator which ones retained their 10% charge. When one then goes to craft their first MFSU they're left going "WTF?!" when nothing works.

    This happened to me and I ended up having to invedit the bloody charge off so they were all depleted. Ofcourse I didn't have enough resources to craft superflous laptrons or I would have just made some more.

    Proposed Simple Solution: Energy crystals should NOT retain any charge when crafted into Laptrons.

    Proposed Preferred Solution: Crafting recipes shouldn't care what the charges of components are and those charges should just pass into the item being crafted (When relevant).

    Thanks for your time and an absolutely awesome mod.