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    Honestly, I don't know why I feel the need to explain this to you, because I'm quite certain you won't understand.

    I didn't fail when you keep it in context.

    Correct. I'm going to admit that you've actually convinced me of something. Your response proves that you lack comprehension and vocabulary-depth. This is not really any more failsome than everything else you've spewed on topic.



    In the community it's generally held that killing your neighbor is a bad thing, but in some places killing someone in a neighboring town is celebrated. But if you start killing neighboring villagers they'll start coming to kill your villagers, eventually the chiefs have to come together and say 'no more killing, you handle your people, I'll handle mine.'

    Then if you ride to a neighboring village and kill someone, YOUR village gets pissed because the whole mess is going to start again.

    Is pretty much a rewording of what I said. It just ignores the fundamental reality that the chiefs frequently didn't just come together and talk it out. My chief decided it was okay to just slaughter your village and be done with the mess. If none of your people are around to affect my people, there's nobody to complain. And if your village was known as the place of the legendary complainers, it's entirely possible that this aggressive action would be ignored by otherwise unaffected villages.


    It's a matter of scope and perspective and so long as you keep that in focus, then my logic is pretty clear.

    I don't need to bother with scope and perspective as your logic is laughably fallacious at best. Understanding is a three-edged sword; what they believe, what you believe and the truth. You're trying to convince the other side that you're right and there is no truth. The other side is trying to convince you that their belief lies closer to the truth then yours. I'm afraid you don't understand that choosing such a battle is foolish.

    I view this the same as being born human. We, collectively as a race, agree for the good of the general community that it's not nice to kill people. We may not have officially agreed to those terms, but that won't stop the police from knocking if you go and kill someone.

    I don't know how to exactly tell you, this but you've just managed to fail history and logic forever with this statement. While it's generally been accepted that we shouldn't kill the people that we're living around, "tribes" of people have been pretty much okay with killing as long as it's not likely to affect them. suggests that most of the nations on earth have a point at which you officially agree to the terms that are imposed by the law. That is why the police are allowed to show up. And why Eloraam is allowed to do what she chooses to.

    Joining a community doesn't require that you better it, It only requires that you interact with it. If you choose not to better said community, it's wise to limit the effects of your interactions.

    I don't know if it's a bug with RedPower or one of my other mods causing the problem, but RedPower Timers and Sequencers both "finish" when you wake up from sleeping or change the time through any other means (with NEI's time setting buttons). ...

    Not a bug, functioning as intended. Both Timers and Sequencers are tied to world time.

    I fear Elo is biting off quite a bit.

    I'm under the impression he's trying to basically recreate BC/IC in his own mod to create one super Technic mod. At least that seems to be his long term goal. Also his computing system seems way overcomplicated, only people with a serious understanding of computing will be able to do the most trivial of tasks using it, Al's seems to be more of a control system that's simplified.

    You've obviously not been following the rate at which she's been developing things then. She's also done the last few versions of Forge. From what I've seen, she's quite capable of following through on her plans. If you need an example, take a look at the micro-block system.

    And it's somewhat odd to say that her system is overcomplicated as it's just a recreation of an existing chip. Amusingly she implemented it because she wanted a break from all the foundation work she'd been doing.

    Is she doing things that other people have done? Yes, but she's making the mod she wants to make. And honestly, I must say that her toys are quite elegant and have proven to surprise me with more capabilities then I'd initially thought they would have.

    edited for grammar.

    These are a bit off from what's required as you omitted the additional chamber needed for the 4x6 grid.
    I got:
    55 x Rubber
    188.5 x Copper
    83.5 x Tin
    87 x Iron
    72 x Redstone Dust
    8 x Cobblestone
    18 x Glowstone Dust
    18 x Lapis Lazui

    4 Uranium & 1 Tin per cycle

    Either way it doesn't look like quite the bargain the OP makes it out to be.