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    Lovin' this version of the mod; it really takes me back to the old days... One gripe though, is that with the majority of textures not being located under the /assets folder, it is impossible to apply resource pack patches for most of this mod. I presume there is some reasoning for this, but on the off-chance there isn't, it'd be nice if the textures were moved into that folder so as to allow resource pack patches to be used. If not then that's all cool, I'm still super happy with this version of the mod. :D

    the reasoning is simple, hes taking the old Industrialcraft build and recoded what needed to be changed to get it to work whit 1.7.10 nothing more meaning he left meany of the textures as they are

    Yea if it was so simple, i can read the code as it is writing it different story and I mostly know lua :P

    I would not touch this code, Id go for the main build and revert allot of the stupid changes that were done, I rule I believe in is you don't modify the vanilla recipes ever
    I could lern to code java