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    :Nuke TNT: Hey, I am Turnrliar, and I would like to give a suggestion of adding a fully customizable Fusion Reactor that you actually have to build (not craft), like add the magnetic-core and the tubing, ETC..... So can you add them and then add Particle accelerators that you also have to build and use energy to make them work. Also add a way of making Lithium. So if you could add them in a new IC I would be extremly happy along with prob. a million other people who want that "build it" mechanic. Also that would make building powerplants much more worth it! (Also add the Hydrogen Bomb!) Power: NukeX5.

    If you want to contact me about it and what you think a reasonable power output/input would be, i would be glad to help a Mod Maker like the all powerful you!