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    RawCode: 40 errors that I easily search-replaced.

    Right now wondering the qhelmet cost for removing wither. Right now it's the same as poison

    Wither is meant to be a pain to get infected by. I think that it should be at least double the amount that posion is

    i think that going with linux as main os is a good choice for many reasons.

    1. It free and open source.
    2. It much more stable then windows. Can't say to much about mac as i have never used it as os on one of my comps
    3. It takes a lot less processing power, ram and so on.
    4. You learn a lot from using it

    When i switched to linux as main os it took me about 4 days to get it working as i wanted i reinstalled it 2 times i think. and every time you are going to play a new game it takes some time to get it working if it's not coded in java or any other platform independent language. so mc won't be a problem. I have had some problem with modding for not so long ago when you added modloader it placed one class in a new map in an other new map. i never under stood why..
    but some things like that will happen but i think that you should go with it.

    i run minecraft IC² buildcraft and a white list server with the same mods with almost no problems.
    As for what distro i would go with mint or ubuntu. test both

    I was building my automatic sorting thingy at my server when i found out that you can't use buildcraft pipes on safes and thought: well that makes sense. but it still annoyed me. so i thought well there should be a config about it somewhere. but it didn't existed.

    So what i suggest is that 1. add a config for that. but i get that it would only be off om white list server. so the time spent on it may be wasted 2. make it so that you can add items to it atleast