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    One question:
    is it somehow possible to activate the old quantumchest GUI?
    the new one that functions like the barrel is...meh, i dont like it.
    it wont even show me the name of "scrap", its only a blank space.
    also there is no visual indication what is in them, its not that good so far :s

    Applied Energistic looks nice, but i realy dont like the autocrafting thing.
    if it would be only for sorting and management...yay...but the autocrafting...i dont know.
    what exactly needs high energy there?

    At the moment im looking for something that can be used in the endgame.
    so far there is onyl one mashine in my mind that would need a high amount of energy...
    GregTech Matterfabricator.

    but there is a time where you have enough solars and other reactors, or even fusion, where you have no energy problems anymore.
    so im looking for something that uses this energy in a very high amount.
    is there something?

    we are using Mindcrack too, also with Mystcraft, so this is not the problem.
    i think i have read somewhere about a problem with the Modular Powersuit from UE, but im not sure anymore

    btw one question:
    is it somehow possible to remove the block breaking ability from Vajra, to turn it into a "weapon"? config entry or something like that?

    its a very long wall of text, here it is.
    happened after placing the door multiple times and destroying it in creative.
    other times this happened:
    i set the door, a friend of me who was standing next to me crashed
    someone is entering the nether, next to the nether protal (netherside) is the door -> crash

    oh btw, we are using the mindcrack pack with some custom mods

    i have exactly two problem at the moment.
    first is the ID list, it is incompatible with some UE Mods, i think Atomic Science was it.
    Changed the IDs in the configs, problem solved.
    question: is there any automatic way to search for free IDs?

    second problem:
    Code door crash.
    sometimes if you destroy the door, the game will crash.
    also if you enter a chunk with it it can sometimes crash.
    only clientside, so a restart fixes it, but its annoying.
    also i have changed the ID from it to
    I:"code Door"=4092
    but i dont think this would cause a problem

    Is there a problem with the Nuclear reactors?

    Im using a thorium breeder and a plutionium energy reactor.
    the stats are shown on my nuclear control information panels.
    if i put in GregTech ressources, the Temperature and the time are shown as 0.
    the time is only a minor bug, the ressources are still used.
    the heat is a major bug, i cant heat up my reactor to breed my cells.

    i dont think the quantum and nano should be nerfed.
    we are playing with gregs tech, so iridium is very hard to get - quantum is a very lategame item, compared to vanilla IC² where you can massfab iridium in the early stages.
    also we are playing on extreme difference (mode 3), i have seen creepers who kicked me out ouf my nano with one explosion - ok, i was not wearing the full set, only leggings and helmet, but in mode 1 this is enough to survive 5 creepers.

    also i would like to see a quantum-saber with the ability to bypass the quantum shield

    One of the things i hate with this laser is the Scatter-Shot.
    its way to powerfull, i can destroy mountains with this shot.
    i would suggest to replace this mode with a weapon mode, so far many players are using the Long Range Mode as weapon.
    The weapon mode could have the range and damage from Long Range, but without the block-breaking ability.

    So, i have noticed this a few times.
    We are using the mods on our bukkit server, and i noticed that the blocks will rotate for themself sometimes.
    the front panel moves to the upper side, very annoying with storage blocks.
    so...i tried to use the Alt+Shift click with the tools, but
    if i click 4 times on it, the block will be removed all the time.
    so i have to recharge my El.Wrench all the time, remove all the blocks, and set them again...
    Also this happens in SSP.
    is there any fix for this problem?
    or wil lthere be a tool that can only rotate blocks, not this combined thing we have actually?