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    My personal favorite is geothermal by far. Lava is found everywhere, and for 16 tin you can get 64 cells, one cell is 20000 EU at 20 EU/t so that is a ton of power. I also use Equivalent Exchange so that does help me get more tin, but still, i have been using a macerator with 8 overclockers and an induction furnace with redstone signal for a long long time now and i havent even spent a full stack. i still have like 3 stacks stored up. It's basically free apart from the tin, cuz you could simply go into the nether and get a ton of lava. This playthrough is the first time i used geothermal energy and discovered how awesome it is, and i cant go back now :P

    I'm going to share a few things i came up with and simple things that people might not understand yet because they are new to IC².

    It costs 64 coal dust, 9 flint and one brick, obsidian or iron block to create an industrial diamond. The EU's required for macerating and compressing all the stuff is: 46250, which if powered by a generator takes 12 coal.

    The cost from nothing to a working setup for a miner with regular drill and an OD scanner is: 69 Refined iron, 10 redstone dust, 33 cables, 45 wooden planks, 2 RE batteries, 1 glowstone dust, and a chest. Optional but recommened additions: a solar flower: 7 cables, 1 energy storage block, 9 coal dust, 9 glass, 21 refined iron, 3 RE batteries. this will power this setup with possibly a little bit of power left. i'm not sure if pumps work, so someone please tell me if they do and i will add that.

    Feel free to correct me or request more of these.