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    I really do hate such narcissistic features like that. Either code it for everybody, or code it for nobody. Don't do this "selective feature for select person" crap to make individuals unnecessary special...

    Course I'm sure it's just another ploy to appease the FTB crowd. :rolleyes:

    Oh! Look! People complaining in the most insulting form possible about the most unimportant mini-easter-egg someone put into his mod for a good friend. Yay!

    (And... might I just point out that the jaded bee is part of ExtraBees, not Forestry? But this is the internet, so don't let facts, common sense or basic decency get in your way of insulting people.)

    Forestry is OP because of farms making Ethanol way too easy to get (and others fruits/wheat etc ...) and Ethanol being way too powerful (really SirSengir ? 128k EU at 32EU/t ???)

    Use "HARD" (or define your own, even harder) gamemode to increase the cost of making biomass / decrease the amount you can squeeze from saplings, etc.



    2012-11-26 18:33:31 [INFO] [STDERR] Hello, Gregorius Techneticies here,
    2012-11-26 18:33:31 [INFO] [STDERR] I see you obviously use Tekkit, but this Mod wont load, until Kakermix asks me PERSONALLY for the inclusion of my Mod. So bug HIM for it.
    2012-11-26 18:33:31 [INFO] [STDERR] P.S. I would've corrupted all your Savefiles like SirSengir, but i didnt for Publicity reasons.

    Please change this. Forestry never corrupted any save files. That's technic propaganda and simply not true. Don't perpetuate Kaker's lies.


    That's why I said it becomes a matter of one persons word against another to the point where it becomes pointless. Maybe something could have happend, like the email he drafted and sent got spam filtered or something. I read it so I know it existed. It doesn't really matter though because it was all months ago and people should really move on. I think you probably want that as well, at least from the way I interpreted it post. I was surprised to see people still arguing about it, and I probably wouldn't have stepped in to say anything if a lot of the stuff people were saying wasn't just made up.

    As for the downside to not having stuff in the launcher, you wouldn't experience it. The people who are experiencing the downside are all the people who are no longer using and enjoying forestry who were before. It also doesn't matter though. It's your mod. For what its worth, we all loved it and still think it's great.

    I have never received any e-Mail from KakerMix or anyone else identifying as from Technic/Tekkit. Don't even think I published a useable address anywhere in conjunction with Forestry - though I don't doubt some (working and non-working) addresses can be found on the internet.

    And yes, I want to drop the issue. However, I won't stand by and let Kaker claim that he contacted me, when in fact he did not.

    Alright, since the lie keeps getting repeated, I will state it again:

    KakerMix has never asked or contacted me about permission before or after inclusion.

    The rest is said in my post linked above. If there is a downside to not having one's mod in the Technic launcher, I still have to see or experience it. My dropbox is able to withstand quite a bit of bandwith usage, assumptions to the contrary notwithstanding.

    [Snipped snarky remark in the interest of not faning the flames further.]

    You installed and then removed a bee addon. Set


    # set to true to clear chromosomes which contain invalid alleles. might rescue your save if it is crashing after removal of a bee addon.

    in config/forestry/base.conf to true to wipe all invalid alleles on bees. (Backup your world before!)

    Actually this is quite interesting.
    Sengir admits an attempt was made, in the same paragraph he says they never did (paypal donation). He also says they never tried after he put the code in place, which is confusing as well because if they didn't talk, then how did they come to the agreement that the code would be disabled and technic would never carry forestry again?
    Kakermix has posted a screenshot of his attempt to communicate with covertjaguar in a similar fashion, so I would assume kaker could provide the same concerning his attempts with sengir is he desired.

    What the f* are you on about? Neither Kakermix, nor anyone else from Technic/Tekkit ever contacted me before or after the whole thing. That fact is stated quite plainly in bold text in the post linked above. I disabled the restrictions on the technic launcher after they removed the mod and they had served their purpose. I did that solely because people begged me to, so that they could install Forestry manually into Technic. It had nothing at all to do with anyone from Technic/Tekkit contacting me.

    It's also interesting that you assume, that Kaker could provide any attempt of communication with me. Might be difficult for him considering the fact, that there never was such an attempt. But please, do go ahead and ask him to supply you with proof of such a communication attempt.

    Since I have no way of verifying more than one instance of it, I retract any statement I have made about the technic team attempting to contact sengir more than once.

    There has not been a single instance or attempt at communication by anyone from Technic/Tekkit (Kakermix, Cheapshot, Agelian) with me before or after. Stop fabricating fairy tales to suit your agenda.

    Though please not that's not as blanket "I lose" as you're going to jump to. He also admits ion that same paragraph he never attempted to contact them.
    "Going by their track record, it was also obvious that they were going to ignore removal requests."
    He freely admits he never tried.

    And why the f* should I? Kaker is like the guy who steals a cookie jar and then complains the cookies in it turned sour. I won't apologize for taking steps to ensure modding stays fun for me.

    So as I have made claim, supported by sengir's own words: the technic team did try to contact sengir, he ignored them, and he never contacted them to have it removed.
    Do you agree to that interpretation, or do you believe he meant something else by that comment?

    What are you smoking? Seriously? Or do you just fail at basic text comprehension?

    I've never said the technic team is a bunch of saints, but they're not the Rape and Pillage Puppy Eating Genocidal Nazi Terrorist Black Plague Bearers you paint them to be.
    All I have ever asked is you guys stop bashing it and attempting to vilify everyone who has ever touched the launcher. These forums are for IC2, and verbally gang raping and calling for a permaban on anyone who utters the tords "technic" or "tekkit" is idiotic when the guy in charge of this place has voiced his approval of the pack carrying his mod.
    If you want to bash technic, go do it in the forestry thread. If I just wanted to argue and flame I'd be over there attacking sengir myself, now wouldn't I?

    Right. Instead you spread misinformation on the IC2 forums. How noble of you.

    I am sorry the IC2 guys' forum gets defaced with those needless technic discussion. But I am sick and tired of standing by while Technic/Tekkit and their "fans" try to paint themselves as the innocent country maiden who was ravaged by that evil modder. Forestry is out of Technic/Tekkit. If it weren't, I'd probably have stopped modding and scrapped Forestry, because nothing is more grating than other people ripping off your work and expecting you to be grateful for the "exposure".