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    Still having this issue, and now I can't craft the transformer upgrades (which use the mv transformer in the crafting recipe) or the MFE (which uses energy crystals). Do you need to charge these crystals to craft with them? If I don't have an MFE, and I need an MFE to charge energy crystals, but I need charged energy crystals to make an MFE, how does that make any sense?

    Am I really the only person having this problem? How are all you people using MFE's and MFSU's? Is this happening to everyone using the mod and you're all just ignoring it and spawning in this stuff? Please, if you can craft these things, post a picture of it! I'm going nuts here!

    Hey, I've been trying to craft the HV Transformer on 1.12, I've tried both charged and uncharged advanced re batteries but neither worked. I've also tried crafting with them as soon as I make them, but still nothing. We restarted the server after I threw all my batteries into lava to see if that would help, but no luck. Is the only option spawning them in, and if so, why is there nothing about this anywhere on the web? This transformer is a pretty important step, how am I the only one with this problem?