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    1) Ive been looking for a ic2,bc2,rp2 with not a huge list of mods and mo' creatures i just love
    2) Same as above its very basicly industrial
    3) Of Course
    4) Racism SExism Agism that kind of stuff. I am usually a very nice person
    5) I press F1 to toggle the hotbar and stuff press F5 if its of my caracter or not and then press F2 to take the pic
    6) I use 7-zip
    7) ic2-based on a power system with EU's being the measure of power
    bc2-basic factory equipment
    rp2- very usefull basicly take redstone to a whole new level
    bc additional pipes adds more pipes to bc (i havent used this one alot...)
    backpacks- adds a mini inventory that you can carry around inj only 1 real inventory slot (havent used this one alot either
    mo' creatures- THE BEST MOD EVER! its very much alike to vanilla minecraft only adds more creatures to the game. i am an expert horse breeder and have 2 single player LEGIT black pegusi