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    Hello, good morning everyone, if I had known this existed I would have solved a lot of problems a long time ago. It turns out that I have my own server with many mods, one of them IC2, it is not a hardware problem because the server has 20 GB of ram reserved and has 2 dual xeon mounted on a SSD. Let's get to the problem. The first problem was the fact that the cables were disconnected and became individual blocks so I had to change them one by one until I got tired and installed the industrial wired that already uses its cables. The other problem occurs with the machines. When the server restarts or I disconnect, being the creator of the machine, the machine isolates itself from the rest of the cables around it and only uses the energy that it has stored and not the one that the cable provides it with, besides, I have to remove it and put it back to fix this. I have not found anything in the search engine regarding the second problem, I hope you can help me. Best regards