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    Ok the new
    teleport cabble: lose 1 eu per block but you can link (ok its all my bad english XD traduce it)
    tu puedes transportar energia o "eu" para que pase de este cable a otro cable (pero el mismo) lo cual te ahorrara mucho tiempo y espacio porfavor no pienso en crear publicidad pero me imagino que todos conocen el buildcraft y su mod adicional del tubo de transportacion, bueno en eso me baso

    (hv cabble x4) (hv...) (hv...)
    (g.fiber c.)(telepor.)(blue remote)
    (h v...) (hv) (hv)

    the cables can be linked like a teleporter with the "blue remote"(blue button)

    ok but as I was programing which perphs add other additional things besides a "Tinybox" to contain 10000 and does not accept more than 5 eu.
    Even the Hv solar array :P

    P.D. I dont want to plagiarism, just think about helping

    Note: sorry my bad english I speak spanish

    Hope yo like these blocks and objects that have planned at school :3
    Plutonium: crafted like a tnt but with 5 uranium an 4 iridium ores, generates temperature and energy equivalent to 8 uranium together
    Freezer cell: This is the same but instead of uranium and iridium is coolant cell and blocks of snow and it will create 8 blocks of ice, mixing with cell you give a 1 freezer cell to cool a plutonium, like a 1 coolant cell cooling a 1 uranium cell (you need 4 freezer cell to cool a 1 plutonium)
    Note: 1 freezer cell can be used to cool 2 uranium cell, (whereby the freezer cell is equivalent to 8 coolant cell)
    now 2 objects to high voltage!
    Quantum crystal: Hold up to 10000000 EU and is crafted putting a lapotron crystal completely surrounded by iridium plates.
    MFX (trem voltage)Unit: This container can hold up 100000000 EU is crafted putting a mfsu in the middle and putting hv cabbles insulated x4 in the sides of mfsu and putting quantum crystals in the 6 remaining parts