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    The main purpose of the Thermal Centrifuge is for processing uranium and depleted rods. And silver for fiberglass cable of course.

    The fact that the centrifuge gives out few resources is not a problem of mod IC2, but a balance violation by other modifications. But large modpacks most often don't care about balance and no one will rebuild it for the benefit of IC2. It's easier for players to use Thermal Expansion or Mekanizm, but the logic of IC2 itself doesn't suggest using these mods together. Even IC2 lack of item pipes is compensated for by its sorters and item buffers.

    When was the last time you used nuclear reactors? Most people don't care about them and just use some "Super-Ultra-Mega Solar panel" generating a trillion energy. I think this sort of thing completely defeats the point of this mod.

    In short, other mods makes some IC2 machines useless. So if you want to play specifically with the IC2 mod, the modpack should be focused and customized for IC2 machines. Or create your own modpack for yourself (best option).