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    Ah I didn't know you needed to chain them together like that. That got me to almost 300EU/t but for some reason a small amount of distilled water keeps accumulating in the turbine, lowering its efficiency. I have fluid ejectors installed and the condenser has 4 heat vents.

    Ok, I think I understand it a bit better now. At 1 bar and 4mB/t, it consumes 400Hu/t and produces 800kU. Or you could use 221 bar and consume only 2mB/t for the same output. Either way produces 200EU/t using one steam generator and 4 liquid heat exchangers. I'm still not getting the 150EU/t per 100mB/t of steam though.

    Also, is 400Hu/t the max? Since you need 1 side touching the kinetic steam generator and another side for the water input, there's only 4 sides for heat input. Heat exchangers and electric heat generators cap out at 100Hu/t.

    Hmm, I tried sticking a 3rd heat exchanger on the steam generator, but it still only consumed 200HU/t. So then I upped the pressure valve to the max, 300 bar. That increased it to 236HU/t, but had absolutely no effect on the kinetic steam generator. It still said 400kU.

    Just now I had a thought to try adding a 2nd steam generator. That raised the kinetic steam generator to 800kU, which now produces 200EU/t. Is it supposed to require multiple steam generators to maximize the kU?

    I can't get this to output the 320eu/t kaldskryke said he was getting. I have a steam generator outputting superheated steam at 100mb/t and the steam turbine hooked up to it only produces 400kU, which only produces 100eu/t. Am I doing something wrong or was it nerfed? 100eu/t isn't really worth it since 2 sterling generators can produce that for less. I'm using build 589 by the way.