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    I quite like tekkit and technic, It's really easy to use and a great way to get into running a modded server.
    I started running a little tekkit server for some friends months back but after I heard about the whole forestry thing...
    I was rather upset, I was under the impression that anyone making a widely distributed modpack would at least have the common decency to ask permission.

    After poking around the back end of tekkit I noticed some rather stupid mistakes (mismatching item IDs and GUI IDs mostly) and essentially fuck it, I like forestry so I made my own modpack thingy for just my friends. (in the process I've seen more adfly pages than anyone should be comfortable with)

    Also on the subject of EE, I quite like that mod simply because it keeps people from digging up the entire server looking for ores. Had to disable a couple items though, especially the watch of flowing time, any CASUC reactor will blow up if anyone uses that thing. (messes up redpower items)

    In short, I like tekkit because of it's ease of use, hate it because of it's bugginess and dickishness. Good way to get into modded gameplay\server maintenance.

    I'd love it if it works a bit like beekeeping in forestry, as in actual Mendelian genetics.
    That with auto farming would still add the time sink through selective breeding.

    The way the beekeeping works also allows you to breed in and out requirements and other traits.
    With something like that you could breed a ferru plant that doesn't require ore
    (this would however would take you probably 2 or 3 days of micromanaging after you've managed to get a lot of them to start with)
    Which could start a nice server wide trade of seeds with interesting traits.

    So instead of just watching grass grow, you'd spend your time collecting and pairing seeds for crossbreeding.

    I've been using a similar design using redpower timers to regulate the ice supply, and mine also blew up.

    The reason it blew for me was because someone was using the equivalent exchange item "the watch of flowing time" which on forwards causes a timer to tick faster (draining the ice supply faster) and on backwards causes the timers not to tick at all (thus not delivering ice at all)

    Took me quite a while to figure out what was causing this, anyways on to a possible fix.

    If you also have computercraft installed you'll be glad to know that the computercraft computers seem unaffected by the watch of flowing time, so you could control your reactor using that.

    I recommend having the a wire going from the computer through a not gate to the reactor though, as sometimes the computer reboots when unloaded.
    which if you're using it to time your ice supply would mean an explosion
    With a wire to a not gate from the computer to the reactor, the computer would have to provide a on signal for the reactor to actually turn on, a rebooted computer outputs nothing so the reactor would be off in that case.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: I did some more testing, the watch of flowing time also breaks transposers and filters, as well as pulse formers (which many people use for teleporters)