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    I am creating my own and I was wanting to add some IC2 compatibility so I read the rules on publishing mods in the add ons section and I came across the following line.


    Unless given explicit permission, you're not allowed to gain any sort of financial revenue from creating and publishing your mod. This mainly applys to AdFly'ing your download links. Excluded are any sort of donations, since donations are not directly related to the creation of your mod.

    Is this strictly speaking if its an add on specifically for IC2 or any kind of mod.

    My mod isn't going to be a full IC2 add on it's just for compatibility.

    Can I, or can I not this? If not its no problem just wanted to check before I do so.

    Name/Nick: jordan30001

    MC-Forum nick/ IC-forum Nick: jordan30001

    Timezone: GMT +00

    Position: Beta-testing

    Previous experience: I wouldn't really say I have "experience" in beta testing mods but I can build some pretty rigorous testing areas to test all aspects of the mod for new updates and testing that old functions still work.

    Didn't work :(

    same error