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    If I remember correctly cables were coded as tile entities, which pistons do not like to move. It's in the Mojang code. Not IC2's faullt.

    As far as I know mods are meant to change the existant code. I am not talking about anyone's fault, I simply saw a feature that could be in IC2 that isn't right now. Maybe it doesn't serve of any purpose to enable pistons moving IC2 blocks, but I think someone would find interesting for some bizarre machine.

    Hi, first time on this forum.

    I was playing creative IC2 when I started to think "let's use old-school machines in here too", and I tried to use pistons to move IC2 blocks, but it was impossible.
    I do understand that make blocks with inventory is hard to code so I tought you could make pistons work with cables, it's a simple idea, maybe useless, but still I think it can be fun.