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    use MFFS Card on Generator/SecurityStation to get MFFS Card / MFFS Card :thumbup:</power></blank>

    That's exactly what I was trying to do but the interface has changed since Direwolf20's last spotlight.

    I didn't understand your instruction and accidentally got the card I needed. It would have been helpful to know you meant "right-click a blank MFFS Card on the MFFS Generator."

    Edit: I am trying to use this in conjunction with a mob farm, is there any way to allow mobs to fall through the force-field? Alternately, could a special upgrade be added to make this useful for a mob trap?

    ... although I could try using the dome option in combination with a flushing spawn trap... Success!

    I agree, this needs to be updated.

    However, I think it would make more sense to add wrench upgrades as suggested previously in this thread. Making more expensive wrenches that will never break machines is much more sensible and user friendly than either the mode command on the electric wrench or this mod.

    With this mod users do not have the option to break their machines, which some players may find useful.

    I'm sure the electric wrench modes made sense in theory, but it practice I find it to be a poor implementation. I get no feedback when I press M so I have no idea what mode the wrench is in or if I have done anything at all. IC2 really ought to have a dedicated tool that guarantees 100% drop rate on machines.