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    Funny thing is, I've actually done this.
    I know this thread is old, but it still seems relevant.
    I made this with width, not length, in mind as I was think about the mining usage.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work well, as the normal shots leave holes and the explosive shots aren't powerful enough to clear an area bug enough for it to go through.
    Scatter would work, but it breaks the deployers for some reason. probably a bug.
    It is an eight deployer gun, as can be seen in the attachment, and has a recharging system.
    maybes we could make better ones when we can put pipes inside frames.
    The whole thing can be moved by frame motors, too.
    P.s. first time attaching images, so I did it as an attachment

    I know you can replace the pipes in order to get the machine to retract it, but this way you can do things a bit more easily with automated systems.
    Instead of having to remove the pipes, you can apply a redstone signal, which will put the pipes back in the slot and fill the hole with resources from the chest.
    It means that the centre slot could be a dedicated mining pipe slot, and that if the miner is moved you can remove the signal to have it drill down again.
    This would also work well with minerbased cobblegens too.
    IMO, there isn't any real loss here, its fairly easy to implement, and a bit more intuitive, logical, and cleaner than removing the drill from the chest.

    Hello there.
    I wanted to follow the stickied guide, but it didn't really seem to fit my idea.This doesn't involve any new blocks, just a small change to an existing one.
    I suggest that whenever a miner is supplied with a redstone signal that the miner pulls up its pipes and fills the hole with resources (only those that the miner doesn't deem valuable) from an adjacent chest instead of what it does now.
    This is a more refined and logical way to do things, imho, than pulling up the pipes when the drill is removed.
    It also has the advantage of allowing automated systems to pull up and put down pipes far more easily (admittedly, my main reason for suggesting this).
    if this is done, you could also put a silhouette of a mining pipe in the middle slot (same as the drill and scanner) since the hole is filled with resources from a chest instead.
    Thoughts, comments, ideas?
    thank you.
    p.s. This is my first post, so BEST MOD EVER! :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: