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    found this error in my log. Game starts up fine but I like to have error free games

    What about making teleport cables? Somewhat like teleport pipes for buildcraft.

    Maybe make them like this? And it only gives 1 or 2

    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:

    :Glass Fibre: :Teleporter: :Glass Fibre:

    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:



    Garrus: Owner

    Thojas: Co-Owner/Server hoster

    _Armed_: Head Admin

    multifns: Admin

    droctogonapus: server tech

    You need to go to the forum and post an introduction in order to get builder permissions.

    mods needed:
    go to forum for updated version

    Server rules:

    • No griefing of any kind (blocking, deleting, 1x1 towers, flooding, burning houses, etc.)
    • No deathmatching (PvP) without a reason.
    • If the property 'owner' tells you to leave, leave the property immediately!
    • Don't disrespect or insult other players.
    • Do not push people around, for example off cliffs.
    • Do not steal from other players or server.
    • Do not advertise other servers or websites.
    • No creating 'spinning / buggy' minecart boosters, use Powered Rails instead.
    • Using any kind of third-party software such as X-Ray mod is prohibited.
    • No Mega huge Quarries
    • No fly mods. That's what jetpacks are for


    • Kick
    • 3 Day Ban
    • 7 Day Ban
    • Permanent Ban
    • Account Removal
    • Inventory Wipe

    forum link:

    Host: Only Gaming
    Server specs:
    unknown atm