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    So, I just went exploring in a world, and tried testing out thaumcraft, using the thaumometer, and when i went to "discover" stone, it turned to black granite suddenly. I was very confused, then right clicked (without anything in my hand) and the stone next to it turned to black granite. I proceeded to do this a while, any blocks that wouldnt right click to granite would break as stone, but any touching blocks that could be right clicked to be changed to granite, would be changed to granite ( shitty grammar, i hope that makes sense...). It seems like Black Granite is spawning, but as stone, and an interaction casuses it to update to the granite? I'm very confused here....

    EDIT: so relogged, and im even more confused.... i think the rest of the wall of stone i saw originally turned to the granite that it should be, but now i can't test it because to see a block, i need to break the block next to it, which is what caused it to update in the first place.... yeah so I'm not quite sure what to say about this, but try finding a wall of stone naturally spawning (side of a mountian or something) and right click with nothing and see if it becomes granite, i guess. Eventually you might find this, but i have no clue. Time to sleep....

    EDIT 2: screw sleep, okay so it seems like in a new world, black granite looks like stone, until you relog, then its black granite. Pretty strange, but theres probably a reason I assume.

    So, is there no way to adjust Gregtech's dungeon loot tables? Getting almost half a stack of steel on day one is a little bit unbalanced, and I know that steel isnt even all that rare in chests. That and the being able to craft obsidain with lava and water cells, my questions have been lost in the conversation, but I'd really like an answer to whether or not these things are configurable, or if Greg plans to do anything with them. Still pretty surprised the obsidian one isnt in the IC2.cfg

    Yeah I just realized there's no config to disabled certain strong metals from being easily obtainable in loot chests *cough cough* kinda annoying, I build a modpack based around gregtech hard mode, yet cannot disable 2 of the last "game breaking"(for this certain modpack) problems in the pack :P ah, i guess you can only config so much...

    Yeah, strange, you'd think there'd be a way to disable being able to get obsidian before diamond, especially since it is technically "later game" even in vanilla. And I'm double surprised that greg hasnt already put in a config for this, seeing as he has a config for everything, including other mods :P

    Edit: Could we also get Project: Red integration? Its a good redpower "remake" with chickenbones helping out as well with it. I'd assume it would just take the old redpower uses for marble, basalt and gems.

    Sidenote: What mod besides Harvestcraft and IC2 add coffee?? >.>

    You have EE, TiC, CC, mystcraft, you want to add Xenos Reliquary (it's just imbalanced in every possible way) and you call it vary hard server? lol...

    Theres a reason mods have configs.... Also, this is not planned to be a large server, so "imbalance" or "abuse" will be shut down on the spot. As of now I have yet to get to iron in my testing world, the caves are just too dark and dangerous. The server isnt just hard in Gregtech, its balanced around hard gregtech in every way possible, if a mod goes against it, i drop the mod from the pack, that simple. but I've tweaked and changed A LOT of mods and I can just about guaruntee it is by far the hardest modpack most people would ever play. Also, the mods that are yet to be added, like Xen0's, havent been tested in balance with the pack yet, since they havent been updated, and will be tested thoroughly when they do. And if you think Greg's nerfs are bad...

    No one forces you to do it, you can always just use a hammer.

    Are you just planning to get it runnin or already are? You seem to have a ton of mods listed that don't exist even in beta form in 1.6

    Planning to get it up hopefully next week. Right now, about 85% of the mods are updated, and most of the ones that haven't either have retrogen or don't have world gen.

    Seems like my questions have gotten lost in the conversation of the thread, but I really still need to know if theres a config option to disable the use of advanced machines blocks to build electric machines? I'd really like if they could only be made from steel to balance out my server. Thanks in advance

    They already do.... If you're not updated to newest GT, try it. If you are, then they should be.

    Ah well then where do I find the option to turn off vanilla ic2 advanced machine thingys ability to replace the steel machine hull in recipes? Cant seem to find it in the dynamic config.

    Also, still wondering about MPS/galacticraft recipes, whether whatever change happened can be fixed on this or the other end.

    Two quick questions: 1. I've noticed that the gregtech recipes for galacticraft and modular powersuits arent working anymore in 1.6.2, just wondering if this was something on the gregtech side, or something that needs to be updated on their end.
    2. Is there any option to have basic machines cost steel to use? Right now it I'm trying to balance this with a small server I'm running, and I'd like to somehow have the basic tier (after the bronze steam machines) cost steel, so I can change around how and when in the progression you can get machines.
    Thanks in advance

    Just tried updating to the newest ic2 build and updated gregtech, and I get this error:

    Anything I did wrong? or is it just a little bug

    Yeah thats why it would have to be very expensive to use and make. By the time that you can make it you'll already have quarries, mass amoutns of resources, etc. Once you hit a certain point, theres not much need for mining, so end game mining should be more able to go after specific ores and such that takes more precise work than a quarry or anything could do. So instead of blindly mining with your high tech mining tools, you could instead look for specific things that you may need. It would be WAY overpowered if you could get it low tech, but I'm talking about something that will drain more eu than you would usually use at lower levels and would cost mostly the highest tier stuff that gregtech adds.

    EDIT: Also is the industrial electrolyzer supposed to be taking energy when theres nothing in it? >.>

    I have an idea, not sure if it's been said before. Some type of high tier item that allows you to scan your surrounding areas and it will give some type of idea of what ores are around you. It would obviously have to be somewhat expensive to make and use, but it would be great to have this ability, and it could be worked into high tech stuff easily. And it would make manually mining more worth it even at higher tech levels