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    RP2 covers have lighting issues, though - the covers will get a shadow or turn completely dark after a random amount of time. Also, the covers take up an entire block - meaning that blocks can't be placed next to the wall.
    I'm trying to avoid CF spray because only solid colours can be painted on.

    We could extend this idea too. If this feature became available, it would be possible to implement a fail safe mechanism (e.g. a craftable block which attaches to the reactor chamber and reads the core temperature - when the temperature reaches a specified point, the reactor shuts down for a specified amount of time in order to cool down and prevent a nuclear explosion).

    I like to use reinforced stone in my builds because it provides better protection against nuclear explosions, griefers and intruders. However, because I use it so much, my world looks monotonous and depressing - I wanted to make a wizard's castle, but it ended up looking brutalist and ugly. I propose more enforced blocks (such as brick and stone slab) because it would give more variation, whilst maintaining the protection which reinforced stone provides (this support could be extended to additional mods such as RedPower - the two mods already share some form of compatibility in modpacks such as Tekkit, and a reinforced marble castle would look great).
    I don't think that support should be extended to flammable blocks, though (such as wood and wool) because it would be stupid if a nuclear resistant block could be taken out by a fire.