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    No, I'm not new. I've been playing Industrial Craft since the original Industrial Craft.

    Also, I'm talking about installing a server plus a client. First I have to figure out which version of Forge all the mods use. Then I have to figure out if any of them need Modloader MP. Then when I start my client or server, there is an error and I spend an hour trying to figure out how to fix it. Then 5 other problems occur and I fix them as well. Then, I try again and there are ID conflicts. I spend more time trying to change all the IDs and then start Minecraft again. Then, I got the server working. I have to do the entire thing again for the client.

    There needs to be a vanilla API because with this, when Minecraft updates, there won't be a need for mods to continue to have to update their mod to the latest version. Also, I bet it would make the jobs of mod developers a lot easier.

    And yes, I keep up with the whole Minecraft development. I've been playing Minecraft for a long time.

    Does anyone know if there is an effort of the mod community, or by the Minecraft dev team, to make a central modding API? So, we don't have to worry about this stupid bukkit/forge/modloader/codechickencore/what ever else problem? Is it insane to ask such a popular game to not have so many compatibility issues? Minecraft to me is no fun without these mods, and it's such a pain to get them to work together.

    Yeah, I know how to setup these servers, but it still takes a HUGE amount of time. I'm not willing to spend 5 hours every time I have to rebuild my mod packs. I know how to fix the errors. Usually I trial and error until I figure out the problem, and then I get hit by another problem. I keep fixing these problems until the server works. This sometimes takes me up to 5 hours. I think I will stick to Tekkit until Minecraft gets some good mod support.

    Alright, I just tried out MultiMC and it's pretty much the same process. I got 3 mods to work correctly, and as soon as I insert ComputerCraft, I get a forge error. I fix that and then when I add CodeChickenCore, I get more errors. These are the same constant problems I had to deal with before I was using Tekkit. Every time a new mod update comes out, or minecraft updates, I have to spend hours trying to get all the mods to stop fighting each other. It's not that I can't get them to work, it's that I'm sick and tired of trying to get them to play with each other.

    Hmm, well even if this is true, I still have a problem. The mod compatibility with all these other tekkit mods is properly horrible. Plus, I don't feel like spending another 5 hours trying to get the compatibility issues sorted out. I thought someone maybe had a quick fix for multiverse. If not, maybe someone has a way to get Mystcraft working with Tekkit?

    Are you sure about Mystcraft? I'm using Tekkit (I'm sick of making modpacks) and MystCraft has that heavy resources world that would make miners OP. What do you think of this?

    "If Multiverse and Industrial Craft are installed, some functions of Industrial Craft will break. You will not be able to change the redstone behavior on energy storage units. You will also not be able to change the information types on the Industrial Information Panels. The mass fabricator front face also flips to the bottom. This last bug is just a texture bug though."

    I posted this on the Multiverse bug report. Does anyone have a fix for this? I'm not sure what to do. Is anyone maybe using an alternative to Multiverse that would be good?


    Aww, no Wireless Redstone, Minefactory, Buildcraft Bucket Filler, or Buildcraft Additional Pipes? D: Me and a few friends play on a server I host and we have these extra four addons. I would think about paying the 10 dollars to play if the server had these four addons. I would not be able to re-create my 100 item sorting/retrieval system without these mods. Have you thought of adding these? They add tons of possibilities that would never be possible with vanilla IC2, BC, and Redpower.

    Awesome. The Luminator would not be useless because 1. They look like fluorescent lights. 2. They would take real energy. And on a server, you could disallow using torches in a house and only Luminators. Also, if the Luminators worked like I said in my original post, than no, I would not want them to be replaced by light bulbs. The only problem I can see with Luminators is, how do you tell them when to turn on? Also, 4 block ID's? Why not only 2? And yes, having a dimmer would truly be an amazing feature.

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but I think having EU powered light bulbs would be extremely useful for Industrial Craft. Image having a city full of buildings and all of the lights in the city are being powered by electricity made in a nearby power plant. Someone could also then sabotage the power plant. My original plan was to use Luminators; but I found out that they are completely broken in IC2 and you need to request power in order for them to turn on. So in theory, you would have to have a furnace or some other machines constantly running in order for your house to get light. The light bulbs would always be on if they have cables attached to them. In order to turn them off, you could use a piston to yank out the wire and turn off all the lights. An alternative method would be to use redstone + electricity to turn the light bulbs on and off.

    I think this is one massive feature of IC that is heavily needed. Anyone else think so?

    After installing IC2, just like it says on the IC2 post, I start Minecraft and I have no sound from Minecraft or IC2. I have also installed that sound fix but yet have no sound. The only time I get sound is when I disable the IC2 sounds in the config. Maybe i'm installing the sound fix wrong? I have tried placing the Sound folder in the .jar AND I tried placing all the files with the .class files in the .jar. Neither of these methods work.

    So i'm guessing that IndustrialCraft does not work for 1.8 yet. So I tried setting up my server for 1.7.3 but I cant find the Minecraft_server.jar for 1.7.3 because the Minecraft website only has the 1.8 version of the server. I tried installing Flan's ModLoaderMP Server 1.7.3 into the 1.8 Minecraft_server.jar and it just gives me an error when starting. So i'm guessing that my problem is that I don't have the 1.7.3 server file. When I google Minecraft_server.jar 1.7.3 I don't get any good results. Does anyone still have their 1.7.3 Minecraft_server.jar they could give to me? Industrial Craft is not working without it. The error i'm getting with the 1.8 Minecraft_Server.jar is: "Could not find the main class: net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer. Program will exit." This is only after starting the server with Flan's ModloaderMp Server for version 1.7.3 with my 1.8 version of Minecraft_server.jar.