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    I'm going to Test and see how much it yields before Blowing .
    Thanks for the constructive criticism guys.


    It generated 3.338 Million EU

    Now i calculated the EU loss per tick and it came to 20.05 (21 HV cable and 67 Fibre)
    5800 ticks x 20.15 = 116870 + 3.348M = 3.596M EU

    So im thinking it generates 3.3M EU before needing to Shut off and cool down


    Just remembered that i first tested this with No water. Testing it again with No water


    EU total = 3,391,507

    I have been Messing around with the way reactors work and i realized that if you were to collect snow and compress it you get ice. So i made a few hundred stacks of ice and threw em into a Mark IV reactor that would normally blow up in about 8.71 seconds and made it last Oh around 5 minutes
    #mce_temp_url# (Not cooled by Water)

    Efficiency = 4.21
    EU/t = 590
    Heat = 0+ (While Ice is in core+water) 1147+Water (while in normal state)
    Run time= 290 (with ice) 8.71 (without)

    All the empty spaces were filled with ice, this reactor can pump out 590 EU/t.

    Im not sure how to calculate the total EU produced in those 5 min but its Probably around 5mil

    This is my Very first time posting a Reactor so Please be as Mean as possible :P
    (tips on how to Format my posts as well would be awsome)

    I was testing the capacity for HV cables and Fiber cables recently and realized that the capacity's for each on the wiki are switched

    Ill post some pictures as proof later.

    Anyways the basic setup was 108 geothermal generators to compensate for EU loss as well as Provide more than 2048 EU. now the cables
    connecting to the Geo generators were all Glass fiber but the end cable was a HV cable. now i was only generating 512 EU because the generators would turn off due to the fact that HV cables cannot support more that 512 EU/t ( it did not melt). After this i switched out the HV cable with a Fiber cable and all the generators were running. i checked the cable for the ammount of EU going through it and it was 2048.

    now i'm wondering if the Wiki + Alblaka's post are wrong Or if i have made a Huge mistake and have made a fool of myself.

    Edit: Confirmed the fact the Fibre wire can only support 512 EU/t and will melt Over that

    So ive notice recently that Jetpacks have only 2 functions Hover and Power (normal flight)

    now ive been thinking in order to preserve power we could add a third function that turned the jetpack off thus allowing to power/fuel to be conserved while going up stairs and other areas

    any suggestions?

    Recently i have been using Coalfuel cells to fuel my jet pack. and when i realized that i could combine 8 coal and just 1 bucket of water i could get 8 h-coal
    i was excited, then to my sadness i realized that it only created 1 h-coal out of the 8 coal dust i used, but when i tried the same recipe with just 1 bucket of water and Coal dust it gave me the same result.

    So what im asking is if the Recipe to create 8 h-coal in one go is broken or if its intended