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    Alblaka has denied all all-in-one and combo armor suggestions i believe his words were something like "if you want stronger quantum armor then you should play in creative mode"

    also repeating previously denied suggests is frowned upon here some annoyingly repeated suggestions can even get you banned (or at least flamed to the nether and back) please run a search to check if your next idea has been discussed before posting.

    u can beleive me i searched suggestions section and HELP: Suggestion Compendium thread, didnt found any related information and started my own.

    hmmm and fall damage reduced from quantum and nano boots not combo? ok, i see.

    and i think its not a combo, just some sort of utility. Its really annoying to switch to electric jetpack to fall in deep pit, and then switch back to quantum suit quickly (to not to be overwhelmed by mobs)

    I had the same idea but not with a Jetpack, but with the lappack so that it can store 1.600.000 EU, 1.000.000 for the suit and 600.000 for the lappack.
    or maybe lappack AND jetpack?
    would be totally awesome

    that is modifying its internal EU storage, and its not cool (coz your armor lasts longer). maybe adding usage of power for tools is not bad without altering EU storage. but that is not the point of my suggestion

    So, playing around IC and IC2 for a long time I want to propose you some suggestion.

    QuantumSuit Bodyarmor is endgame item, and most powerful armor, but I (guess not only me) forced to switch to Electric Jetpack constantly. That's not cool. Completely.
    So I decided to propose adding Electric Jetpack feature to QuantumSuit Bodyarmor (thus modifying recipe to use one, maybe instead of 1 bottom Advanced Alloy) in some cutted version (only hover mode enabled, by pressing space (jumping) + pressing M toggles this feature on and off so you can jump).

    That is. Thanks for reading, and sorry for my style of writing, coz english is not my native.

    A redstone signal will stop all uranium from pulsing, all cooling will still take place.

    so if i trying to heat up my breeder with lava it starts to cooling right away?
    P.S. and how many times reactor ticks during second? link in this case how long it takes to explode, really 877 seconds, or 877 ticks?
    P.P.S. link and this design will have 49.7% of heat, so no water will evaporate, if i'm right.

    Mk-I-O EC Reactor, water cooling, 0 chambers, only 2 expensive HD plating (4 with that 2 in reactor itself, 6 Adv circuits in total).
    20 Eu/t, so can be used as somehow mobile base for miner(s), or good starter powerplant.


    UPD: Heat balance should be -3.4 instead of -7.4 in link, thats because of 4 blocks in sphere can't be filled with water (1 for wiring, 1 for solid block above redstone wiring, 1 for below and wiring itself).