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    Well, everyone thinks that's the real website. The IC guys should tell them to write a line about the fact that they have no link to IC to stop confusion so people will stop going there for nothing. About Forge, sorry but I can't agree with you. About the ban, it was an error and the reason was false, I don't think it will cause a problem.

    The other thread was closed for an unknown reason since I didn't ask for a release date.

    "CrafterOfMines57" wrote:

    1. You must suck at installing mods if you don't know what Forge is and don't care, Forge is the mod that makes practically all major mods even possible, do you just get one of your friends to install your mods?

    2. What main site of IC2? As far as I know this and Alblaka's blog are pretty much the only main official IC2 sites (I see the wiki as more community based) I know of therefore yes, it is written right here that RichardG and Player will be porting the mod to 1.3.1 once Forge comes out (see the importance of it?)

    3. I don't insult people in general, I insult people I deem to be stupid

    1) I installed mods a couple of times and never heard of that and as the end user, I don't have to.

    2) is the main site. The last update in July has absolutely no relation to Industrial Craft and nothing has been posted since the new version. If information has to be written, it's there.

    3) I wasn't talking to you since your never posted in that thread...

    Thanks for the info for 1.3.1 but the point still stand, in the future, the information has to be clear and where people expect it to be.