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    There was a stealth suit topic. It was better.
    We all have the belt already - 9 blocks selection.

    I'm not sure if this truly is "better" as you claim, but I couldn't find anything on the forums about a "stealth suit". Could you try to find a link?

    Also, why would you need it to be a suit? More importantly, how would you be able to code it so the four armor pieces would have overlapping or meshing functions? I don't know a whole lot about code, but a single item sounds like it'd be a lot easier to code than multiple items that compound upon or require each other, if that's indeed how it works. If that's not how it works, it seems slightly redundant to me.

    *Note: I'm not trying to start an argument, just a discussion.*

    Interesting thing to note about Redwheat. Apparently, if you're really, really lucky, you can get it if your crops are outside. I'm guessing it's an instance of perfect timing with the sunrise/sunset, but I was trying to breed coffee beans outside my house and ended up with Redwheat.

    By the way... your second picture shows your crop sticks full of weeds. I would recommend either getting some Weed-Ex or just not leaving empty crop sticks out.

    I had an idea for an item during my adventures... the stealth generator belt! It's function would be mostly an escape or espionage tool, with multiple possible power settings.

    The main part of the belt is what it does to mobs. Depending on the power setting, it would cause mobs within a certain area from the player to not aggro, similar to playing in creative mode. A low power setting could shield you for, say, 10 blocks, and the highest might require bumping into an enemy to get their attention. Against players, however, it would have 3 settings: hiding the name (as if holding the 'shift' key), partially fading out the player, and complete invisibility. These settings should probably be easily modifiable by the admin, though, in case someone doesn't want it to be used for griefing.

    My idea for the recipe is to have a two-part recipe with new components: a belt piece, made with 3 leather left to right, and a stealth generator, made as such:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:
    :Glass Fibre: :Electronic Circuit: :Glass Fibre: Substitute glass for the fibre cable and lapotron crystals for the energy crystals
    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Machine: :Energy Crystal:
    Then combine the two components. This could also open up all sorts of extra potential belts... utility belts for tool storage, similar to the toolbox, flotation belts for swimming... and other things people could think up.