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    Hey tipred... It wasn't just your house...
    Squigglypotato's house was destroyed too, I was in there before the map reset with fallen (in the new server), and we both saw that his house was gone. I don't think you did that, so maybe we got a griefer before restarting.

    You say it was ONLY your somebody played with nukes too.

    *TUN TUN TUNNnnn* (imagine drum beats with a suspicious feeling)

    PS: Fallen, my enchanted diamond sword shall live forever. It would be amazing to get to the old world or at least pass the SAME SAME sword to the new world. It's legendary, there is nothing you can do xD
    Oh, and remember that it is inside your inventory, you didn't return it! -.-

    Oh my god...
    This world is hella dangerous, there are weeping angels nearby...
    If I were in this world, I'd be frightened all the time, because I can't know If I'm looking at one at that moment unless I turn back and die.
    CREEPY... AND everything is made of stone. I think you've been fooled by a perception filter, bro
    so please,

    Good luck there.

    PS: My real name is David too ^^

    Hey tipred3:
    Every time I launch FTB Launcher and try to launch Ultimate, it asks me if I want to update or not. I haven't updated in order to play but, does this mean that you have to update the server to the new version?

    Username: UltraShip
    Main mods you like: IC2, Advanced solar panels, Gregtech (sometimes it's the mod I hate the most because of the nerfs, but it has very cool stuff).
    Experience: I have been playing since IC2 1.95b... I love it and I know everything from it (except the new reactor system, I hate nuclears). Even then I still don't understand why I can't put netherrack in a generator to burn forever :P
    About me: I like being in a safe and friendly, little-server. I like building underground, hidden, secret, expensive, big bases to surprise and help people giving them what they need at that time. I mainly use renewable energies (SOLAR IS MY MAIN POWER SOURCE, omg I said my weakness) and optimize everything so it has maximum efficiency. It's the first time that I'll enter a whitelist server, and I think I'm not going to regret it. :)

    The most important thing about me? I know justice, what things are right and what are wrong. I will never be a bad person to anybody. I have the personality of a kid (the good part of it; imagination, being positive) and I'm highly friendly and competitive. I will never surrender. I've never had ban problems ;) Trust me.

    Suggestions: These don't break the rules of posting useless things. Inspired by the crysis series and my evil mind. Muahahahha

    ->HUD failure: Make the already planned HUD disappear or blink/flash when energy is low or gone. More excitement when facing dangerous situations. Imagine it's night time and your radar is starting to experience malfunctions and your armor points are unstable. Also make the suit fail if an emp is nearby or it has detonated in its range.

    ->EMP CAPACITOR: Dedicate another high voltage capacitor to make an auxiliar energy source, usable ONLY by the PORTABLE EMP, ALL SUIT PIECES. This can be recharged drawing energy from your standard suit energy, or waiting for it to self-recharge SLOWLY from the static energy generated WHEN you move. The EMP has 3 modes:
    -Active (constant energy draw, low power. Causes interferences to your nearby suits HUD, radar, etc. and if too close shuts down the enemy suit temporarily).
    -Single Pulse: Drains all of the capacitors current energy in a single strike, it's like an invisible explosion that affects suits in a certain range. The more energy it has drawn, more range and more effects to your enemies. It can be upgraded to have different effects and to boost specific properties like shutting down, draining all their energy or putting HUD interferences so they can't see clear data and information (everything gets disrupted; the compass, charge level, radar, etc...). COMPATIBLE WITH Universal Electricity EMP system.

    This is where it gets complicated.

    -ARMOR MODE: Basically, it duplicates the current armor points and halfs the movement speed (it can be changed on the tinker table; if you boost one aspect, the other will go down). It also gives you an active health regeneration effect and all kind of anti-poison and resistance effects that you think are necessary. It needs constant energy supply to keep it active, and it cannot be active at the same time stealth mode is. You'll also get extra protection from EMPs.

    -STEALTH MODE: You don't appear on other suits' radar, and you turn yourself invisible. You lose 15% of your current armor points while cloaked because the energy is directed at the camo-module. You are extremely vulnerable to EMP strikes, meaning that if a fully charged EMP detonates while you are in range, ALL your stored energy will deplete and you will feel some pain... not important, huh?
    It constantly drains energy from your set while you are cloaked, and the energy efficiency and EMP protection can be upgraded on the tinker table, and everytime it will get more expensive.
    If you get hit while cloaked, it will deactivate and you'll lose 2% of your total energy level (it may seem a small percent, but it's a lot of energy for someone who is "DA HEAVY BATTERYMAN"!).
    Your hotbar item still will be visible, until notch changes the game.

    These modes can be activated/deactivated with customizable keyboard keys. Awesome, DON'T YOU THINK MachineMuse? Now you can add this to the todo list.

    They call me Ultra, remember me.

    PS: Forgive my mistakes, I'm not english as most of you are :)

    This is my first post on this forum:

    This addon is gonna have all I always wanted in ic2, like wireless stuff and nano-things. It only needs something more: a Nano (and for the future, quantum) BOW.
    Here you have some suggestions:

    -How about making a nano-bow? (an electric one). It would be unbreakable, but only useful when it's charged. It would be crafted with carbon plates (or advanced ones, your choice) as sticks, and something related to carbon strings (like carbon-nanostrings or so, lol) where normal strings would be. The 2 slots left on the left side would be there to put flexible carbon muscles, that would create the AWESOME strength to shoot using the energy from the crystal that would be in the center. (energy would drain if you are aiming, even if you don't shoot). HAYO!
    It will decharge at a rate of 7 EU/t when aiming, and consume 1000 EU per normal arrow shot (4,090,000 EU if you shoot a charged spartan arrow, WTF)
    Here's a recipe:

    :Coal Chunk:= (advanced) carbon plate
    :Energy Crystal: =energy crystal
    :Compressed hyd. Coalclump: =carbon nano-strings

    :Nano-Leggings: =flexible carbon muscle

    :Nano-Leggings::Coal Chunk::Compressed hyd. Coalclump:

    :Coal Chunk::Energy Crystal::Compressed hyd. Coalclump:

    :Nano-Leggings::Coal Chunk::Compressed hyd. Coalclump:

    Capacity: 100,000 EU (It can use the energy from the lappack if available)
    Ability: It auto-recharges when it's day time at a rate of 5 EU/t, and at a rate of 2 EU/t when night time. It will recharge even if you are under an opaque block, because that's how awesome this nano-technology is (grabbing energy from the environment when placed on the hotbar). In the nether it will recharge at 9 EU/t using the unlimited heat as power source, and in The End it will passively discharge, because it is very cold and there's no energy there.
    Important: When aiming, the muscles are busy using the crystal's energy tensing the bow, so no energy is harvested during that period of time.

    But of course, what is a bow used for if there are no arrows?
    Ultra Industries has the solution!


    Joke. If you use normal arrows you will lose a lot of energy, even if you deal (a lot) more damage with them. They only are useful for mob-killing (they can't 1hit-kill either).
    Well then, show me the powerful stuff, Ultra!
    Ok, here you have some arrows:

    ->Basic Nano-Arrow
    :Coal Chunk: = carbon plate

    --- --- ---
    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:

    --- --- ---

    This thing can deplete every nano piece the enemy has in a single hit, but NOT break it. It has nearly no fall, meaning that it won't begin to fall until it has travelled 4 chunks (chunk=16x16 blocks). It uses 2000 EU per shot and it can 1hit kill any mob (not bosses). Also, it can be reused, grabbing it from the ground once it has hit a solid thing. Useful for SMP and mob-boss killing.

    -Medium-balanced arrows: I won't say anything about them, invent them yourself ;)

    ->Spartan Arrow:

    -Tired of Chuck Norris? Here you have something to hurt him.
    -W T F! HURT HIM?! TODAY HE DINNES IN HELL!!!! *shoots*
    *Chuck Norris dies* MinecraftChar

    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:

    :Tesla Coil::HV-Transformer::Reactor:

    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:

    :Coal Chunk: =(advanced) carbon plates

    :Reactor: = uranium block

    That's right folks, this is the ultimate arrow. It has no fall and no friction, no love and no seasons. It is your nightmare's worst nightmare.

    Once it has hit it's target, it will deliver 4,090,000 EU/t in a single atom breaking it and transforming it into energy that duplicates the EU/t per atom converted, discharging, breaking, burning, punishing, overloading and sending an invitation to a hell restaurant to have dinner anything, specially if it's nano-based (the quantum is crafted with a nano, and the gravisuit is crafted with a quantum, so there's no defence from this arrow even if you use mods).
    (breaking basic physics laws since 2013

    Ability: Kill death itself. It drains the hole universe, the TARDIS, and 4,090,000 EU (you must wear something that has energy storage, because the bow only has 100,000 EU, so a quantum or a gravisuit is recommended. It can kill anything, enemys, end dragons, withers, etc in 1 hit. Warning: Don't shoot this to a teletubbie, it will get angry and kill ya'
    Warning: If you shoot this arrow, your nano-bow will break and disappear from reality.


    Ok, I'm done writing my ideas. It's up to you now. Also, if you can, make us (players) to be able to burn the unburnable netherrack so we can create an OP and unthinkable infinite power source, so we can enjoy the OPness with our friends the teletubbies :D
    Forgive me the stupid mistakes I make, english=not my native language. I'm from spain, and I speak catalan, spanish, english and a bit of german (learning).
    PS: If you can't make this, I'll learn to code and make a mod myself so people can enjoy it :D

    PS2: GregoriusT, if you read this, please note that I don't like what your mod does with the recipes, because it's so difficult to craft (yes, I know that it can be changed in config). The objective here is to have fun with minecraft and ic2, but not at this level of difficulty because the fun disappears when you realise that you need 3 diamonds for a macerator or need crazy things to craft an initial solar panel. In the future, Ultra Industries will surpass Gregtech, keep that in mind :)