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    the best shows
    I just got episode 10 , england is behind 2 weeks, america like 6 or something, thanks for it earlier then US :D <3
    Im still theorizing on who and when the body snatchers are/from, im guessing the same time as Escher cause of their tech but not sure if on the same side and ARRRR
    time travel makes the best sci fi

    The Netherlands not even bought I guess... :( . Saw it in the US when I was there 2 weeks ago and yes did I like it :) .

    Compact solars stacks solar panel blocks, while GT stacks solar covers.
    That (solar panel covers doesn't use machine blocks) and the night energy generation of GT panels, are the difference.

    Ah ok, I thought of another mod. Haven't been able to look at the newer versions of GT as they are confusing me too much with all the crazy processes you must go through... but that's something else, thanks for the heads up :)

    Not to mention it also produces energy during night.

    Edit : Also, you reduced their material cost, by not including machine blocks on their recipe, like compact solars does.

    That is another mod, wich you could render OP for that yes, BUT that is only the highest tier one at least when I last checked... correct me if I'm wrong.

    The Solar Panels are OP due to their Compactness. The Size of a Solar Panel is its main downside and the compact Versions remove that downside.

    Not to mention that "Grammar Nazi" contains the Word Nazi as well. :P

    Not to go argue with you and all but compact solars goal is to relief the lag caused by 512 solar panels, wich are already made harder to craft by you so... can't agree with you saying that they are OP.

    BTW is explicitly non-compatible because it has a specific vision. TF does add a lot, but it doesn't mess with anything that would mess up other mods (except the uncrafting table, which leads to a ton of issues simply by being what it is). If a mod evolves from an addon to a total conversion, it should be stated. It shouldn't be defaulted. I'd actually love to see Greg's nerfs and Greg's IC2 addons as separate mods, rather than a mess of config files. And you know what? I'd probably even give the nerfs addon a try. I just don't like that being introduced out of nowhere.

    Best idea/suggestion I've seen so far for this problem/issue :thumbsup: . I like the tech that comes with GT but the nerfs for al the other things are too much for me, it makes it too hard to get anything accomplished within a desired time the player wants to get things done :( . And the nerfs would make a great addition for the people who WANT it harder for themselves, now that's BALANS I'd say :).

    How can this even happen every time I adjust the id it Conflicts with the new id and so fort

    :!: PLEASE HELP :!:

    "Bug: if any block ID is set over 255, the mod will crash. (It seems like it tries to add the block twice, conflicting with itself.)"

    Doesn't matter it keeps crashing