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    I notice that this is an old thread. But I'll go ahead and reply anyways.

    I have gone ahead and updated the Block template, adding the following parameters:

    maxeu Maximum operating EU before this block explodes. Will be bolded and colored.
    storage How much EU this block can store. "EU" will be appended.
    eu_use EU use per tick. "EU/t" will be appended.
    eu_use2 Additional information. Is italic.

    Additionally, I changed the default image from {{BASEPAGENAME}}.png to {{BASEPAGENAME}}_ig.png, as this is the system we upload on.

    1. Age: 17
    2. Skype: rikingmodder
    3. How long have you used IC? Don't really remember. Through association with my brother, I have some experience using the mod through the Technic SMP pack, which I silently despise (sorta like your insurance company or something).
    4. Time zone: Pacific w/ Daylight
    5. Groups or individually? Individually, though it is best to have my actions discussed with a group first ;)
    6. Do you use mods other than IC2? As stated earlier, my normal play environment is the technic smp pack. Please don't 'hate' me for that, it's what my brother likes. I am aware of the presence of addon mods, and I'm pretty sure I can figure out when behavior is not in default IC.
    7. Do you already have a wiki account? Yes, 'riking'.
    8. Why are you interested? I feel that I can make a meaningful contribuition to the industrialcraft wiki. Part of this is because it uses MediaWiki software, not that Wikispaces crap the EE wiki runs on. (They have NO templates, except for a crappy "include" mechanic that doesn't take well to parameters. Oh, and they let you insert javascript into the page.) I was trying to help out the EE wiki, but alas, that was doomed to fail. Judging by my contribuition to the Block template, I think I can do here what I couldn't do there. :)
    9. What special skills? I am slightly familiar with Wiki template markup & design. Not really an expert, but I can use it and make new infoboxes & stuff. Also, I've seen how the Dwarf Fortress wiki does their stuff and learned from that.