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    Update java, it is compiled with java 7

    I have the same issue. I think it currently does not work with those. I thought it was just that it takes forever to charge them, but they are simply not compatible it seems.

    I figured out why it doesn't charge the quantum suit, It just doesn't have enoght max energy to charge them, the fact that the energy bar flashes on mid tier item tipped me of, recompiling the tile-enity with a higher max energy and it started charging my quantum armor

    Edit: here is a modifed TileEnityChargingBench.class with twice the max energy
    While i'm doing it, here is a modified blockChargingBench where it removes the tile entity once it gets destroyed

    Nargon was nice enough to upload his MCP patcher file for IC2. Just follow his instructions in the post on were to put and you should then be able to get IC2 to decompile with MCP. Link to post: http://forum.industrial-craft.…read&postID=5558#post5558

    Thank you, was able to decompile and recompile it correctly now, Adding

    ModLoader.AddLocalization("", "Rotary Macerator");

    to the code did indeed fix the unnamed problem

    here is the fixed mod_IC2_rotary file until zippinus fixes it himself for those interested:

    quick edit: well nvm, it only fixes the name for the blocks once they get placed once or edited in with TMI or similar, newly crafted ones still got the texture problem and unnamed

    Final edit: The recipe gave the block the wrong metadata, 1 instead of 0, updated the link with that fix too, now they got both the right name and the right texture when you craft them