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    After the Coal Generator, i always build Geothermal Generator and a Pump from BuildCraft which pumps Lava for Generator.
    Next i build MFE, Industrial Centrifuge and 2-chamber Nuclear Reactor. It have simple plan with some Uranium Cells and Overclocked Heat Vents.
    So now i can build Industrial Electrolyzer and start build Industrial Grinder with Industrial Blast Furnace. When i have it, i make Rock Cutter and searching for uranium.
    After i have 8 plutonium, i build this plan for Nuclear Reactor: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…sfljmzz7nh7cppssvcw321clc (it does NOT have infinite generation time, it needs cooldown).

    When I installed this addon and start Minecraft, game has crashed.

    How can I launch game with this mod?