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    matix: Same here with latest IC2 builds. Not sure if Advanced Solar Panels related, but here it is

    Description: Exception in server tick loop

    Free EXP exploit

    1) Take 9 Iron (or any other that gives exp like gold) ingots.
    2) Compress it in compressor to Iron Block
    3) Smelt that Block of Iron in furnace
    4) Take those 9 Ingots from furnace (without using Shift)
    4) Recieve 9 Ingots back and free EXP

    Not sure, if this is intended or Greg can do something about that.
    Turning off storage block smelting in config is not ideal solution for this.

    2012-12-29 11:33:34 [INFO] [STDOUT] Didn't find Recipe via Hashcode: 129866926347017 / item.GT_Dusts.3 / item.itemCellEmpty

    Is this a log from GregTech? It's getting written to my server console every 75ms or so

    I was getting 20x per second this in console

    [STDOUT] Didn't find Recipe via Hashcode: 129866926159369 / item.itemHarz / item.itemCellEmpty

    We figured out, that is caused by Industrial Centrifuge with Resin. When there is free space in output but another "centrifuge batch" wont fit in there, it starts spamming.
    I think better is example. In industrial centrifuge you can create 28 rubber from 8 resin. If you process 16 resin, you will get 56 rubber. If you put another resin in, there is still free space (8) but 28 rubber won't fit in there and that causes this console spam.

    Same here, when someone loads chunks, where this machine is, server crashes with exactly same error