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    found it out it seems :D
    updated forge and delted the ic2-folder from all mod-jars except ic2

    the sole thing im now overthinking is: (guess thats OT...)
    do the other mods work properly without the ic2 folder/api?
    will the updated forge screw up any other mod?
    im not entirely sure where to put these questions, hope it is ok if i post em under here

    The trampling check is within the IC2 API - have you tried deleting the ic2 folder inside all of your non-IC2 mod jars?

    only jar-mods right? (jars in the mods folder...)
    did this today, tested it with sugarcane,melon and pumpkin, but its still happening, except sugarcane-crops (ive walked now over arount 20 of each for about 15mins tough) i can even run above sugarcanes, nothing happens to them, but melons and pumpkins revert back to dirt.

    im still thinking it is forge, because it happened with forge and ic2 only, too, and ppl with higher builds dont have it. but thats just my opinion, im not a dev nor did i touch any code at all.

    gonna try out forge 171 today or tomorrow, with only nei and ic2, if i find some free time tough

    no, but like i say'd with only forge and ic2 1.103 it happens, too, while this test i even did not use nei (i even didnt installed it, used a clean 1.2.5 jar) nor crative it did happens but less frequent

    yes it does, but only if i placed cropsticks, it have water, the only thing i dont do early on is hydrate it and fertilize it, on my normal farm (without crops) i can walk over without problems
    i plant em like this for crossbreading...

    so, normaly it shouldnt revert back to dirt, but it does (i dont think that im doing something terribly wrong, do i?)

    you guys can even run over em? hm maybe its a forge fault? because if i was running on my little testfield, they got trampled even faster then i was walking, with the setup of only forge and ic2, nothing else
    i didnt used the quantum to run/walk over them tough...
    well i play ssp, because im not sure what server to join and so on, but thats annother story :D

    ic² 1.103
    tryed it with flowers,roses and seeds in a testworld = out of 20 plants (whole not each, didnt find enough...) arount 2 got trampled while walking over em, but it looked like it occurs not so often as with all mods that i mentioned above.

    ich bin nicht doof genug, als das ich das farmland ohne wasser lasse ;) und wie geschrieben bin ich nur drüber gegangen, nichtmal gelaufen, auch nicht gesprungen, man weiss ja als farmer das mindestens springen tödlich ist für pflanzen ;) und das farmland ging dabei lustigerweise kaputt. :( aber heute probiere ich noch mehr aus, denkst du das ist ein mod von den oben genannten? das einzige was ich nicht gemacht hab war hydration cell und fertilizer benutzt... aber daran sollte es doch nicht liegen oder?
    i wouldnt let farmland without water, and i just walked over em, like i wrote, no jump, no running. i wouldnt reported it if i didnt think that is wrong after reading that statement in the patchlog...
    i only didnt used hydration cell and fertilizer on em right after planting, but i dont think thats the error here?

    after reading that trampling got its way out i tryed out a bit with agriculture, but right after planting and walking over my crops, it gave me back the cropsticks

    mods i have in use, maybe one of em bugs that?

    ive seen that behaviour so far on
    sugarcanes seems to only realize, that trampling is gone :(
    i tryed (while writing this) with roses again on another world, 12 roses placed, 3 gone after walking over em. more testing tomorrow