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    And I'm not sure if making the laser interface more complex is a good idea, I personally think the current IC2 implementation of item modes is simple and effective. One idea I think is interesting is splitting the laser functionality: for instance, in addition to the current laser, there could be a destructive laser (explosive, scatter, and long-range only), a digging laser (horizontal, mining, and low-focus modes only), and a heat gun (super-heat mode only, and maybe a bit more energy efficient).

    Well that is actually a very nice idea!

    My idea:
    Laser Gun (explosive, scattered, long-range)
    Mining Laser (horizontal, mining, low-tange)

    And about heat mode I think it's useless, kinda...

    First of all want to say sorry for bad english, as I am not native english speaker MinecraftSheep . Secondly I want to sorry for potentially being a noob MinecraftSquid .
    Ah and also be warned I like to use many smiles so sorry for that too.
    Ok now to a topic of this... topic MinecraftCow . I was messing with reactors desgin at late night and ofc it was without any good result but then I realised I never actually made breeder like at all. So I mesed a bit with it and came to this: Mk I-O Breeder. So would anyone be so kind and tell me of this is... not good, not well even not ok but simply so-so breeder for starting nuclear engineer noob.
    Thanks in advance,

    -1 water block design.

    I am total newb in breeders btw MinecraftGhast

    Hey thanks! That's so cool!
    But can you explain me please what I made wrong
    1 Reactor gave me 20 EU
    2 reactors were gaveing me 17 EU
    3 reactors are giving me 18 EU

    Whats wrong?! (All reactors are MK I-I C-4 type)

    I'm making now 4 Mark I-I Class C-4
    So it's going to produce 80 EU (20+20+20+20) (yes?) and I only need to change uranium cells
    So it's going to be almost as cool as mine but won't blow up my world after 10 minutes MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper

    Thanks very much!
    But (oh really again?) I have one (last, I hope) question:
    Can I do like this:

    Reactor...... Reactor...... Reactor
    Glass Fibre ......Glass Fibre ......Glass Fibre
    Glass Fibre ......Glass Fibre ......Glass Fibre
    Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre MFS-Unit Glass Fibre

    Will it take all energy from 3 reactors and charge MFSU? (Or batbox or other)

    (and sorry that I taking your time, I so - MinecraftSquid )

    Ok thank you so much! :thumbup:
    But I have 2 more question:
    1. Can I make like 4 cores of Mark I (the safest right?) and combine energy from them into one MSFU and have more energy from that?
    2. And I really don't understand the new system of wire tiers and conversion... any suggestons? pls... ;(

    Oh yeah, I see...
    As I was away my reactor it almost melt! =(
    Can somebody suggest me reactor layout for 5 chambered one that will be safe and will give constant energy?
    Coz I really don't understend anything in Mark I or Mark II EC and else... MinecraftSquid
    Please help

    Hello to all,
    I am very new to new Nuclear Engenering in IC2 and in new wireing system in IC2, but relying on my old exp. in IC1
    I created this ---> My Reactor

    It's giving 140 EU/t

    And here some srceens:

    So please tell me is it ok? Or I need to change something?

    P.S. I have a one more problem, How can I transform from glass wire to HV wire? MinecraftSquid (yeah I'm noob)