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    Basically title, when I right click (without a wrench, wrench works fine) on a solar panel, it goes to "Saving Chunks", then results in the below error message for about 10 seconds, then minecraft goes black screen

    You can use EE with IC2 and make cactus turn into wood.
    infinite wood!
    I did it on my world.

    Even though I only have like 11x3, I've got like 5 stacks of wood in that chest now (I dont use wood much either)

    I'm going to make a modpack with IC2, as well as a few other mods, WITH PERMISSION from the mod creators, (I'm not like kakermix). I'm going to put it on here, and the MC forums, and probably facepunch too. Now if you guys have any mods that go well with IC2 that I can put in, please tell me. I'm going to post regular updates too if the mods update.

    I've contacted alblaka through these forums and already asked if I can put EE and BuildCraft in it, so if they're rejected I'll let you guys know.

    I have no idea where to post this, if this is in the wrong section, please move it or tell me. Was just posting here because I saw the other modpack IC2 related stuff..

    Half you guys are idiots.
    Yes they are endorsing the pack, HOWEVER, they are giving credit to ALL THE MODS USED in the description, so blame the modpack creator, not the yogscast, THEY'RE CREDITING THE MODS PEOPLE. Take down the pack I don't care, but don't blame the fucking yogscast when they're trying to give credit to all the mod creators, idiots.
    So bash the modpack creator, NOT THE YOGSCAST.

    - Name/Nick (just something to call you with)

    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname (preferable all of them)
    343N (for all of them)

    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-x
    GMT +10(Melbourne)

    - The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do?
    Testing, maybe texturing or YT vids (not the best at either, choose me as last priority)

    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours:
    Not much, I've never applied for something like this and actually gotten in, so I have no previous experience with anything like working with mods and such, however I have made a few YT vids (not the best, once again, nowhere near xKillerBees can make videos).

    If you're in a pretty large snow biome, and/or cant be assed to move houses, this is the solution for you..

    I found out, from the roof of my house, that snow will NOT buildup on glass.

    That's my roof.

    Now, if we just simply cover our solar panels so that there is glass right above it, like so,

    Glass will stop the snow, and you'll have snow resistant solar power!

    I have found this VERY annoying in my current world, so I found this out, and did it, it works FLAWLESSLY!

    Notch has made it so snow doesn't appear on glass blocks (I think all transparent/half blocks aswell) and glass doesn't interfere with solar energy, so...

    Hope this helped, I really needed this myself and thought I could share it.